Flick In A Limerick

A young girls who doesn’t receive any attention
Gets a secret box with no real description
She must use a special key
To let the contents of the box free
And gets transported to a magical dimension

Shot Caller – Lasse Hallstrom, Joe Johnston

Role Play (Keira Knightly, Mackenzie Foy, Morgan Freeman, Matthew Mcfadyen)

Nose Candy

“Maybe you should spend less time in the attic and more time in the real world
The real world doesn’t make sense to me any more”

“It’s Christmas Eve it’s going to be a magical night”

“Do you want to know what your greatest gift is? You see the world in a unique way”

“Everything you need is inside… It’s me”

“A true queen does what’s best for herself
A true queen does what’s best for her people”

Style Points

+Set Design
+Costume Design
+Ballerina scene

Money Shot

Toy soldier fight

The Big Finish

As a parent you aren’t supposed to pick favorites but the mother made no bones about having a special bias towards Klara. She gave her the special box as well as called her “her greatest creation. Mackenzie Roy is good in the title role. The cast is very multi racial which I didn’t mind here because no one can pass up the opportunity to have Morgan Freeman as your grandfather. Keira Knightly is very over animated here but looks like she had a blast playing the sugar-plum fairy. The costume and set design are visual ecstasy. I also enjoyed how the ballerina and stage play elements are implemented. The first two-thirds of this movie are very slow with no action or humor to entertain us until the third act where the plot really picks up. The Nutcracker and The Four Realms makes an honest attempt to please everyone while also displaying that everything you are in search for in life is always inside of you.

– Caleb Harris

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