Flick In A Limerick

After a fathers sixteen year old daughter disappears
An investigation is unable to bring them anywhere near
He refuses to stop
By going through her labtop
He tries to find her to not confirm his deepest fears

Shot Caller – Aneesh Chaganty

Role Play ( John Cho, Sarah Sohn, Alex Jayne Go, Megan Liu)

Nose Candy

“Well if you don’t know any of her friends…who would”

“I just finished my final so I was at Carmen’s house playing pong. Ping pong.”

“I didn’t know her I didn’t know my daughter”

“She needed you to talk to her. Not the other way around”

“I am so sorry what happened to your daughter and I am so sorry what happened to you”

Style Points

+Brilliant use of the desktop

Money Shot

Funeral scene

The Big Finish

After you read this top everything you are doing and go through your kid’s phone. Searching is a thrilling account of a father doing everything in his power to find the daughter he was secretly losing to the internet for years. Imagine this movie like everything Unfriended wanted to do but done right minus all of the supernatural shit. There are an abundance of desktop utilization features such as Face time, old home videos, email, screen saver, google searches etc. to tell this story effectively. There is some cheating at times where scenes like the secret video cam, surveillance and YouTube shots seemed forced to keep the movie from being shot traditionally. I loved how the father David Kim went crazy and took matters into his own hands. Just when you think there is no where for the plot to go the film provides a new exciting twist. Tense scoring is done well to elevate high-profile scenes. Searching is definitely a desktop movie achievement that displays the dangers that lurk on the web.

– Caleb Harris

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