Flick In A Limerick

Michael Meyers escapes from prison again
Laurie Strode knows and has spent her life preparing for when
After forty years
He comes back to entice fears
At the place where his killing spree begins

Shot Caller – David Gordon Green

Role Play – Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, James Judy Courtney)

Nose Candy

“Do you believe in the boogeyman
You should.”

“I have tried to warn you and try to protect you now I have to prepare you
I am ready to prepare dinner.”

I have prayed for forty years for him to escape.”
So I can kill him
That is a stupid thing to pray for.”

“The notion of being predator and fear of becoming prey keeps them both alive.”

Style Points

+1978 opening Sequence
+Dr. Loomis recording analysis
+One take of Michael surveying the neighborhood

Money Shot

Laurie sees Michael

The Big Finish

After forty years and countless sequels that don’t count in this universe Michael Meyers is back to wreak havoc again in his old neighborhood. Jamie Lee Curtis is phenomenal and authentic with her paranoid deranged demeanor. The strained relationship between Laurie and her mother and granddaughter is displayed well. Where this film really excels at is in the writing. All of Laurie’s lines are executed nice. The interactions such as the relationship between the babysitter and child are very realistic. I would have liked to see more explanation on Michael’s motivation as he seemed very intent on just killing anybody that is breathing. Also unless Meyers was pumping iron for the past forty years and being that every other Halloween is not applicable in this picture, there is no explanation given as to how he is so supernaturally powerful in his sixties. The first act is very slow especially comparing it to the original I wanted the opening sequence to be more impactful. Even though the action rises intensifies in the climax, this movie ends very abruptly. For me there are also way too many call backs to the original. This film is a fun watch and is the best sequel in the franchise not that it had much competition. With an abundance of jump scares and creepy nostalgia, Halloween 2018 honors its roots while also planting seeds for another generation.

– Caleb Harris

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