Young Michael Myers goes to jail for killing his sister
After 15 years there is Laurie Strobe a prude babysitter
On a Halloween Night
He comes back to cause a fright
Too demonstrate he is not a quitter

SHOT CALLER – John Carpenter

ROLE PLAY (Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Nick Castle)


“I hate a guy with a car and no sense of humor”

“It’s Halloween I guess everyone is entitled to one good scare.”

“Was that the boogeyman?”
“As a matter of fact…it was”


+Iconic Score
+Long walk home


One take point of view opening sequence


Halloween will forever be an iconic staple in horror movie history. Jamie Lee Curtis is so empathetic in her portrayal giving her the appropriately fitting moniker of the scream queen. Myers troubling story and characterization makes him one of the most memorable villains in cinema. From the iconic score to the amazing one take opening scene. Looking back this film is a comedy now. There are so many ridiculous plot points its amazing how some of this made the final edit. There is the scene where Laurie and her friend are smoking weed then they decide to visit her dad who is a cop. There is Myers dressing up in the bed sheet with glasses. Then my favorite of Laurie fighting of a knife bearing Michael Myers in a closet with only a hanger. Even tropes such as Myers walking down his prey or the “horror movie rules” were derived from this picture. It is no wonder why multiple movies over the years had to borrow from it. Even after birthing numerous unnecessary continuations, no sequel could live up to the original. Innovative in approach while eerie in execution, Halloween is one picture that won’t ever die.

-Caleb Harris

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