Flick In A Limerick

Astronaut Neil Armstrong wants to cement his place
To embark on a journey to go into outer space
Even if it means never seeing his family again
Troubles arise before the mission can begin
He risks his life to advance the human race

Shot Caller – Damien Chazelle

Role Play ( Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Pablo Schrieber, Christopher Abbott)

Nose Candy

“We’re about to embark on something so technologically advanced that the Russians will have to start from scratch. As will we”

“When we get them back on-line you will probably be the first to die”

“What are the chances you never coming back? What are the chances your boys will never see you again? Your going to sit them down and prep them to let them know they may never see you again. Your doing that not me”

“One small step for man one giant leap for man kind”

Style Points

+60s era
+Old school spacecraft instructional video
+Camera glitches and use of camera shaking
+Sound mixing
+Point of view parachute scene
+Kitchen argument scene
+News sound bites and footage of actual event

Money Shot


The Big Finish

The Apollo 11 mission sending the first astronauts on the moon is a historic achievement that will forever be remembered and celebrated. This movie focuses on mission commander Neil Armstrong’s personal life, exploring trials with his family and battles with mental health. Ryan Gosling provides a great performance as usual. My only grievance with his portrayal is that he seems very wooden and I would have liked to see some more charisma out of him. Claire Foy is outstanding here pouring her heart out in numerous memorable scenes. The sound editing and camera work are incredible in the spaceships. I enjoyed how they made the mission seem dangerous and stressing the importance of being legendary. For some reasons this is one of those movies I feel every one loved a lot more than me. Personally I did think it was too long and I was bored through a vast majority.  The ingredients are definitely here with Damian Chazelle directing and great leading man in Gosling to go along with a good story. First Man is a remarkable account on the man Neil Armstrong and the sacrifices that were made to advance technology and humankind.

– Caleb Harris

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