Flick In A Limerick

A struggling journalist with a lot at stake
Investigates the intelligent founder Carlton Drake
While working after hours
He gets infected gaining superhuman powers
Gaining a new alter ego he can’t shake

Shot Caller – Ruben Fleischer

Role Play ( Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze)

Nose Candy

“They try to silence those who have questions it hide are the ones who change the world”

“For a smart guy you really are a dumb ass”

“I am Venom and you are mine. You did not find us we found you”

“What are our chances
Fuck it let’s go save the planet”

Style Points

+Slide transactions
+Woods Chase
+Bike chase
+Cop shootout

Money Shot

Venom vs Riot on space probe

The Big Finish

Where to begin. Sony and director Ruben Fleischer started in the early 2000’s pre Marvel back when super hero films were shitty and were handled by those who didn’t comprehend the source material. Venom is not just terrible compared to the influx of comic book films fans have been spoiled to over the past decade. It is just an all around terrible effort. I personally did not mind the slow first act which should be expected in an origin film to set up characters and context. It’s just this movie is boring up until the midway point and even then never really takes off. Respected talents like Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams are given absolutely nothing to work with. It seemed like the cadence of dialogue was off for the whole film. Venom also attempted to be way more funny then it should have been but missed on all of its attempts. There were way too many plot holes. I do think that a solo Venom film could work but this adaption really needed Spider-Man as well as a director who actually gave a shit. Outside of a few good action sequences I don’t think this is 2015 Fantastic Four bad but after seeing this I think the legend Stan Lee will regret his usual cameo here if you know what I mean.

– Caleb Harris

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