Flick In A Limerick

A young nun takes her own life
A group and a priest go back to the sight
At this unholy estate
They encounter a sinister fate
Working together they try to survive the night

Shot Caller – Corin Hardy

Role Play (Taissa Farmiga, Bonnie Aarons, Demian Bichir, Charlotte Hope, Jonas Bloquet)

Nose Candy

“Holy shit
The holiest”

“God Ends Here”

“Next time do use the shotgun”

“Only the true blood of Christ can yield something so sacred”

Style Points

+Opening scary sequence
+Graveyard shot
+Night vision shots
+Nightmare shots

Money Shot

Flooded Chamber sequence

The Big Finish

I’m pretty sure this is the first film I seen that plays the same scenes multiple times and never realises it. The performances are actually really great and help elevate this picture to a respectable level. Taissa Farmiga is almost the spitting image of her sister Vera. I really wanted this movie to pay off the relationship somehow especially when the cross dissolve effect was used on the siblings to transition sequences. The first hour of this movie is very missable. The priest offers no real reason for being involved other than that he is a holy figure. The horrible let’s split up once we enter a haunted situation trope was used I hated that shit. This movie really had promise especially since the opening scene was executed so well. The Nun by far offers the most jumps of any of the films in the Conjuring universe. An array of nice cinematography and cool visual effects will cater to casual audiences that don’t care about plot points and just want to be scared. Unfortunately they are very easy to read and the final act relies on pointless reaction jerks galore in order to sell that this is an actual horror flick. Then when we finally get to see the demon its looks so fake and goofy really sabotaging all the work this picture initially set out to accomplish.  Sacrificing story for scares The Nun delivers with multiple spooks just very little substance.

– Caleb Harris

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