Ghost and Tommy attempt to take out Dre
Kanan shows Tariq the drug dealer way
Kendrick Lamar plays a crackhead
A lot of people end up dead
Tommy shoots Angela in a hallway

ROLE PLAY (Omari Hardwick, Naturi Houghton, Joseph Sikora, Lela Loren. 50 Cent, Michael Rainey Jr., Rotimi)


“If you fuck with me you better kill me nigga cus best believe I’m going to get you back”

“Maybe if Raina hated you she would still be alive”

“A rat is only a rat if he snitched in someone they are loyal too”

“Typical Ghost you’re not saying this because you are sorry you are saying this to make yourself feel better”

“I am going to turn myself in
If anyone is going down for my family it is me”

“How could you kill someone you love
Your not a real killer till you do”

“I was the only one who cared for Kanan sometimes you have to take a loss to win”

“I would fuckin kill you then to let you into this game. So whatever gangsta moment you think you’re having end it now”

“Are we still the dream as long as you are you and me is me we are always going to be running from something. Is this the ending you want?”


+Kendrick Lamar appearance
+Drunk ghost effects
+Kanan death
+Tommy kill Teresi shot
+Dre building ambush


Image Via Pulseng.com

Hallway scene


It is interesting that we are on the 5th year of Power and in story line time it has only been 5 months. This season by far had the most progression. Kendrick Lamar’s crackhead performance stole the show and was incredible. Detective Blanca Rodriguez is an excellent addition. She is so stern and good at her job I would probably hate her if I met her in real life. A part of me does not know how I am going to take Kanan not being on the show next season. There is a sense of zero fucks along with silly laughs that makes his character irreplaceable. I am also curious to see who will the main villain be with the Jiminez storyline looking to come to an end and Dre going into witness protection. Gripping is the finale with Angela having 24 hours to somehow keep the entire crew including herself from going behind bars. Tommy then learns the truth about Ghost’s actions which made him kill his own father. So Tommy wanted to make his on again off again bff feel that same pain and go after someone Ghost loves. Just when I think there is no way this saga can possibly continue fresh concepts are introduced. There are so many theories on how this will play out and I can’t wait another year for the satisfactory outcome.

– Caleb Harris