Flick in a Limerick

A struggling Anchorman not satisfied with his life
Blames God and really starts to gripe
God actually gets involved
It seems like all of his problems are solved
When he gets his powers and tries to make everything right
Director – Tom Shadyac

Role Play ( Jim Carrey, Jennifer Anniston, Morgan Freeman, Steve Carrell)

Nose Candy

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles”


“Why did you throw the crown jewel in the heart of the ocean? Did you feel bad at all letting Leo drown while you were safe floating on the big door?Could you have taken turns? Or were you too afraid to freeze your big fat ass off!”

“God is a mean kid on an anthill with a magnifying glass”

“Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay we’re doing it doggystyle”

“Hey god thank you for the Grand Canyon and by the way you suck!”

“Oh my god!
No you can call me Bruce”

“The prime minister of Sweden visited the White House today and My tiny nipples just went to France”

“You wanna see a miracle. Be the miracle”

Style Points

+Cheesy inspirational music
+Clint Eastwood spot
+Barry White Scene
+Marijuana canine scene
+Bruce montage collecting stories

Money Shot


The Big Finish

With all of the major hits in his career the argument could be made that this is one of Jim Carrey’s finest performances. He is laugh out loud funny and charismatic delivering a dominating performance from start to finish. It really didn’t take this movie for me to know that God is black. Morgan Freeman is outstanding here and it’s fun to see him in a comedic role. Jennifer Aniston is as charming as ever as she makes it very easy to empathize with her character. I also credit this picture for the big break of Steve Carrell. I don’t think I imagined the illustrious career he has had from this performance although one could definitely recognize his comedic genius and talent. Outside of the use of pagers everything in this movie ages very well. Another part of me also wondered what a Bruce Almighty 2 would have looked like. I am satisfied with the Evan Almighty spin-off but that project really seemed forced together for the sake of finishing something. After all of the hoopla a strong message is really brought to the light. Instead of looking for God to be the difference and do everything for you, one must first put forth the effort and then you will see all the changes you desire.

-Caleb Harris
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