Flick In A Limerick

A washed up detective whose career was a flop
After a string of murders decides to take another stint at being a cop
With his former partner who hates puppets
They investigate a string of muppets
To try to get the killings to stop

Shot Caller – Brian Henson

Role Play ( Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Jenkins, Maya Rudolph, Joel Mchale, Bill Baretta)

Nose Candy

“Is that a new coat?
Yeah I ensue your mother and made a jacket out of her”

“I never knocked a guy out with his own balls before”

“Every poison has an antidote”

“I’m the FBI”
“What does that stand for again fucking bug idiot”

Style Points

+Pleasure land murder
+Poker fight

Money Shot

Airport confrontation

The Big Finish

In a world where puppets and people live together lets just say society would be a lot more pornographic. The plot itself is actually pretty intriguing. I really would like to see this concept used in a legitimate crime drama. This movie knows its stupid as hell. It does not take itself too seriously which makes it an overall easy watch and the dumb moments more forgivable. If  immaturely dark is your cup of tea when it comes to comedy you will gladly sip everything this film has to offer. I personally did not find any moments humorous but a lot of other people in my theater could not stop laughing. Melissa Mccarthy even in a terrible situation is able to produce some legitimacy to this project just by her presence. Also Maya Rudolph is admirable and so lovely you appreciate how genuine she is no matter how ridiculous this picture gets. This muppet raunchy comedy had the potential to be a fun crossover unfortunately it quickly turns into a case where the two sides should have never mixed.

– Caleb Harris

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