The time is now don’t look back on yesterday with remorse
Instead of run with the big dogs you chose to stay on the porch
Your wide open the ball has always been in your court
Don’t watch from the sidelines and choose to be in a spectator sport
No matter what tries to knock you off your pivot
Don’t talk about the life you want when you can live it
History can’t be made on what you are going to do
Learn to let go when there is nothing left to hold on to
Make a bold move step up and take control
Block out the noise from the crowd focus on the goal
The moment when dedication meets practice and preparation
Follow through on your dreams without hesitation
It’s on you to jump so spread your wings and fly
How will you know if you don’t even try
Before the clock runs out and opportunity passes by
Strive for something greater continue to aim high
Forget about the past this is your chance
Put yourself in a better position to advance
Nothing can block your attempts to be great
Take matters into your own hands and choose your fate
Make it or not
Give it all that you got
As if it is your last put up your best shot

-Caleb Harris