Flick In A Limerick

Four friends develop a plan
To conjure up the viral creature Slender Man
They doubt him existing
Until a friend goes missing
They must now try to get her back if they can

Shot Caller – Sylvain White

Role Play (Joey King,Julia Golden Telles, Jaz Sinclair,Annalise Basso)

Nose Candy

“I didn’t say I saw it I said I felt it and I know you felt it too”

“I don’t want to do it anymore either but now I’m stuck in it and you are too”

“You can’t just give him something he loves. He wants us”

Style Points

+Nightmare camera glitches
+Dad getting arrested shot
+Nighttime running scared shots

Money Shot

Sister sacrifice

The Big Finish

Slender Man is why people should spend less time on the internet. What makes this piece so disappointing is that this film actually had potential. Unlike most horrors with the premise “Based On A True Story” Slender Man is a relevant phenomenon that audiences are familiar with. Instead of utilizing evidence to set up an educational background this movie illustrates a very silly plot. In the future when generations see this they are not going to grasp the concept and think we are all insane. I am a fan of the entire core cast but this movie puts them in very frustrating positions and can’t showcase them in their best light. Outside of a few good jump scares this folklore flick doesn’t live up to the legend.

– Caleb Harris

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