Flick In A Limerick

A special CIA team must transfer a guy with secret information
While facing attacks from a corrupt nation
They must transfer these files
A distance of 22 miles
Before time runs out and risk the end of civilization
Shot Caller – (Mark Wahlburg, Rhonda Rousey, Iko Uwais)
Role Play – Peter Berg
Nose Candy

“If you fuck this up it will be the biggest since a 19-year-old al-Qaeda went to flight school and didn’t want to learn how to land”

“Warriors don’t wear uniforms anymore”

“If you’re chaos I think I might be worse, I am a killer who looks like a hero”

“Failure is not an option if we stop him we save millions of lives”

“He convinced us he didn’t trust us then convinced us to trust him”

Style Points

+Surveillance Shots
+Scope shots
+Hospital fight
+Car explosion
+Bar fight

Money Shot

Realization montage

The Big Finish

Knocking over someone’s birthday cake results in nothing less than a fight straight up. Mile 22 has an excellent concept but the execution is terrible. This picture should have tried not to take itself so seriously and just went balls to the wall with action sequences the entire time. It takes too long to get into the plot. Mark Wahlberg’s performance is commendable here and elevates this film to a level not many could. Unfortunately it was not enough to save this cluster. The dialogue is extremely fast as if Aaron Sorkin ghost writ it and seemed to cram as much of the script they could in a short 95 minute run time. Rhonda Rousey is a star and is nice here too even though most of her lines is just the f word. On a positive note the action and sound editing is really on point here. The project is just really held back by bad film editing. There were too many fast cuts and the camera angles attempted to be artistic but really just looks crooked. Even with a bad set up and confusing ending this movie had the nerve to set up for a sequel. Mile 22 in theory seems like a fun idea but 5 miles in you just want the trip to be over.

– Caleb Harris