A woman is stalked and decides to skip town
The man who is obsessed with her tracks her down
She gets trapped in an asylum
With nowhere to run
And must prove her sanity to anyone that is around

SHOT CALLER – Steven Soderbergh

ROLE PLAY (Claire Foy, Matt Damon, Jay Pharaoh, Joshua Leonard)


“No touching the other patients hair, masturbating in their hair is fine”

“I’m not fucking crazy”

“Love is giving yourself over to what someone else wants even if it goes against everything you believe”


+Shot entirely on I phone
+Being put to sleep effect
+Sawyer dramatized by men shots


Woods Altercation


If everyone is crazy you’re the one that is insane. Shot entirely on an I phone the premise of Unsane is both groundbreaking and ambitious. What is most impressive is that I would actually say the optics of an I phone lens adds to the story by providing this film a nice confined visual. The entire concept of someone medically fine trying to prove their sanity being trapped in an asylum while every one else thinks they are mentally unstable amuses me to no end. Claire Foy and Joshua Leonard are both brilliant in their leading roles. Jay Pharaoh is surprisingly good here although it is hard to take him seriously as I was anticipating him breaking out into one of his hilarious impersonations. Every movie is just a little better with Matt Damon. This film also does an excellent job of starting the conversation of corrupt insurance companies and institutions coercing people in order to gain profits. Conceptually innovative, this psychological teaser is an out of the box achievement.

-Caleb Harris

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