Flick In A Limerick
Ted Kennedy goes out to a party
Mary Jo Kopechne dies that night in a tragedy
Events unfold the next week
Will the actual truth leak?
In another chapter for the Kennedy family
Shot Caller – John Curran
Role Play (Jason Clarke, Ed Helms, Kate Mara, Jim Gaffigan, Bruce Dern, Tamara Hickey, Andri Blackman) 
Nose Candy
“It didn’t feel like politics it felt like public service”
“I thought the world needed me they just needed my name”
“Call your mother first, DON’T let your mother find out about another family tragedy on the news”
“If there is a whisper that you are not cleaner than Mother Theresa you will be charged. There aren’t too many senators that have been convicted of murder that go on to be president”
“It looks fake
It’s as real as it can be it’s a real neck brace
But it looks fake on you”
“Look at her family. They don’t blame you why should America?”
“A girl dies and somehow Ted is the Martyr”
“I want to be a great man I jus don’t know who I am”
Style Points
+Late 1960s era
+The crash fade to black
+Day by day timeline format
+Mary Jo drowning scene
+Ted at brunch with drowned out voices
+Ted public service announcement overlaying timeline of events.
+Civilian interviews
Money Shot
Ted Kennedy getting smacked by his father Joseph Kennedy in a touching realization scene.
The Big Finish
The unfortunate death of Mary Jo Kopechne on Chappaquiddick Island is a mystery for the ages. This movie does a great job illustrating everything the public knew about the terrible  circumstances but unfortunately there are only two people who really knew the actual truth of what happened that night. The performances are great primarily from Jason Clarke who as Ted Kennedy is exceptional in the title role. It is strange seeing Ed Helms in a dramatic capacity but he absolutely nailed it. I would have really liked for this film to have spent a longer time on Mary Jo Kopechne so viewers could have learned her background and future ambitions to honor her legacy more. If you enjoy going down the rabbit hole of  Kennedy family conspiracies this piece is definitely easy to obsess over. A lot of run time is devoted to the strategizing of the Ted Kennedy brain trust to get him out of this predicament. Including the inception of the over theatric utilization of  the neck brace to acquire sympathy. This movie also appropriately depicts the aspect of how when the community loves a public figure they really look past any of their deficiencies because of how that person makes them feel. That is powerful. One of the greatest stories never told and understandably so is an informative watch although revisiting this event will leave audiences with more questions than answers.
– Caleb Harris
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