Flick In A Limerick

After a mother dies things don’t go that great
Her offspring inherits a terrifying state
Secrets are learned
Before a family is burned
They must try to rid themselves from a sinister fate

Shot Caller – Ari Aster

Role Play (Toni Collette, Alex Wolf, Ann Dowd, Gabriel Byrne, Milly Shapiro)

Nose Candy

“Don’t you swear at me you little shit, Don’t you ever raise your voice to me. I am your mother”

“All I do is worry and slave and defend you and all I get back is that face on your face”

“What the fuck happened here?”

Style Points

+Clicking sound
+Cinematography in corridors
+Devastated ant head
+Casket being lowered underground shot
+Creepy reflections
+Camera glitches
+Husband burning on fire

Money Shot

Image via Vairety.com

Mother son dinner table confrontation

The Big Finish

Damn that clicking sound! I have to praise the style, cinematography and direction of Ari Asters feature film debut. While every cast member is special no star shines brighter than Toni Collete. She is really going for it impressive during every second of her screen time. Many scenes are disturbing this picture is definitely not for the faint of heart. As opposed to cheap jump reactions this film utilizes incredible methods to creep fear into spectators. It is more scarring then scaring definitely designed to haunt long after witnessing. I do believe that viewers have to be an admirer of filmmaking technique to appreciate some of the genius as unfortunately I don’t think it will be as popular to casual moviegoers. A lot of moments just don’t seem stimulating. Also as ambitious as this project is the ending really leaves a lot to be desired. Effective execution of a genius concept really heightens this effort to a unique level. Not your usual horror, Hereditary definitely acquires tactics from its ancestors while still managing to contribute originality to the genre.

– Caleb Harris

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