Unfortunately heroes are still not appreciated
The Incredibles agree to a job to try to get reinstated
While performing this favor
A villain emerges called the Screenslaver
The family must fight together to ensure the mission is not ill-fated


ROLE PLAY (Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Vowel, Brad Bird, Huck Milner, Catherine Keener, Bob Odenkirk)


“I don’t have a problem with strong girls I mean I’m pretty secure manhood wise”

“Heavyweight problems need heavyweight solutions”

“Jack Jack you have powers! And look you don’t even have a scratch on you”

“It’s not my fault they changed math”

“I’m used to knowing what the right thing to do is I just wanna be a good dad”
“You are not a good dad you are super”

“I counted on you”
“And that is why you failed”

“No firing the baby around the house you understand?”

“You came for us”
“Yes don’t be mad”
“How can I be mad, I’m proud”

“I missed Jack Jack’s first power”
“Actually you missed the first seventeen”


+Incredible iconic score
+Underminer battle
+Winston and Evelyn’s Dad flashback sequence
+Elastigirl motor bike chase
+Edna Cameo
+Elastigirl saving ambassador
+Villain house invasion
+Yacht action sequence



Jack Jack vs Raccoon


Long before Marvel dominated box offices and the movie industry there was once a superhero family that captivated audiences in a way that was never seen before and has not been seen since. Right out of the gate The Incredibles sequel excites with a jaw dropping action sequence making up for the lost time. All of the animation is stunning executing fine attention to detail. Adding flavor to the picture are remarkable performances from a charismatic cast. The big question everyone wants to know is does this continuation after fourteen years equal up to the standards of the iconic first film. From my optics I will say no but it does come as extremely close as it can get without touching. My only real grievance is as opposed to the first film that being Disney, this movie inherits the Marvel villain problem. Nothing memorable is offered from the antagonist plus the swerve is way too easy to telegraph. Also not all of the family is showcased as much but I did enjoy in the increased roles from Elastigirl and Jack Jack. Well worth the wait, The Incredibles 2 is just as sweet the second time around.

-Caleb Harris

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