Flick in a Limerick
(Actually a haiku in honor of all the dogs on trash island)

Dogs are sent away
Boy must find his dog one day
With help from a stray

Shot Caller – Wes Anderon

Role Play (Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Scarlett Johansson, Koyu Rankin)

Nose Candy

“Before we tear each other to shreds like a pack of maniacs let’s just open the sack first and see what’s actually inside it may not even be worth the trouble”

“I’ve seen cats with more balls than you dogs stop licking your wombs”

“We won’t find the dog but we will all die trying”

“If I survive please ignore this message I am going to find my dog”

“Some say they swam to the main land but this is unlikely to far to dog paddle”

“We made an emergency plan even though we didn’t get to vote on it or agree to it yet”

“Will find him wherever he is if he is alive. We will find your dog”

“You son of a bitch if we don’t drown I am going to strangle you myself”

“Circumstances have changed And I am going to be a father now I have become the leader of a pack of outcasts that depend on me for their survival… and I am going to be a father now”

“Are you still against bringing puppies into this world
I’ll let you know when I get to know you better
Fair enough”

Style Points

+Stop motion animation
+Quick side pans
+Percussion sequence
+Helicopter camera shots
+Teeth spitting on robotic dogs
+Use of split screen

Money Shot

Dogs fight with corrupt government to prove that their cure works and they should be reinstated.

The Big Finish

Can you imagine a life without dogs? I don’t mean to send readers into a panic but this stop motion anime illustrates the type of worldwide mass hysteria that would ensue if mans best friend were suddenly exiled from society. Voiced by a whose who of top name actors each character is highly detailed and boasts their own unique charm. Maybe Morgan Freeman is too busy making rap video commercials but I thought he would have been a perfect choice here to do the narration. Viewers will find this film wildly entertaining. It is one of those pictures if you watch with your kids you will be lost at moments they can’t stop laughing at but is still clever enough to drop puns that will put a smile across parents faces. I enjoyed how Chief is a real asshole but once his back story is explored it is easy to respect his motivation. Isle Of Dogs is a real treat that will leave no love lost and in time will gain a loyal following.

– Caleb Harris

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