Flick in a Limerick

Friends go to Mexico for fun on spring break
They are tricked into playing a game that is possessed for their sake
Not completing a dare or a lie
Determines whether you live or you die
To rid this evil curse there is no risk they won’t take

Shot Caller – Jeff Wadlow

Role Play (Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane, Sophia Taylor Ali, Landon Liboiron, Hayden Szeto)

Nose Candy

“Between you and the world I choose you”

“What we are seeing is not real but are consequences are”

“If you want to live you need to stop thinking about other people and start thinking about yourself ”

“She was 19 when all of her friends were murdered can you imagine what that would do to you?”
“…I don’t have to”

“Sweet little Olivia isn’t going to shoot anyone”
“…Try me I dare you!”

Style Points

  • Creepy smile
  • POV shots
  • Shaky Cam
  • Cross dissolve time-lapse


Money Shot

Figuring out there is no end to the game with the death of Sam, Olivia decides to bring more people to play. She records a video on her phone explaining the rules and challenges the world to truth or dare where a random viewer is possessed with the demon smile.

The Big Finish

This maybe my favorite best bad movie of the year as watching young adults make dumb decisions at the most crucial times is a plot point that will never get old. It seemed like every time a character had the opportunity to seek guidance from their moral compass to save face, they ignored that shit and went in the total opposite direction. While each member of the click is given their own storyline having to confront personal and social problems they all experienced an unfortunate fate offering no payoff to the dilemmas they were fighting so desperately to overcome. This film did not do a good job of putting the protagonist in situations where you wanted to see her succeed. Olivia is a horrible companion who played a part in making her best friends father kill himself and was secretly in love with her boyfriend. She was responsible for putting all of her classmates in the entire situation to begin with. The creepy smile one would get when being possessed is eccentric but is unique and gives this film its own distinction. There are some nice knee jerk reaction jumpy spots too although there is some suffering from lack of scoring that really could have built the severity of some heart pounding moments. While this is an entertaining visual the the dialogue is laughable, the characters decision making is terrible and no one learned from their mistakes all cultivating in a climax that made absolutely no sense. If we have learned anything through this freakishness of a flick is that the truth won’t set you free. Misery loves company and instead of people taking responsibilities for their own actions it is much easier to unleash their problems to the rest of the world and drag every one else down with them.

– Caleb Harris

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