Flick in a Limerick

Molly Bloom a former skier has some tough breaks
She starts a high-end poker ring that has high stakes
Addicted to the success
Her life becomes a mess
The FBI try take her down no matter what it takes

Director – Aaron Sorkin

Role Play (Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Michael Cera, Kevin Costner)

Nose Candy

“To the person that said the worst thing that can happen in sports is losing 4 straight times…seriously fuck you.”

“Don’t break the law while you are breaking the law”

“I was raised to be a champion I was born to win.”

“Theres nothing as sweet as a win you have to work for”

“You have already invested so much. You might as well see it through to the end”

Style Points

  • Narratives with matching overlay
  • Flashback storytelling
  • Party Scene
  • Poker graphics

Money Shot


Molly stands before a judge instead of telling on anyone she sticks to the G Code and takes her sentence.

Final Touch

It’s obvious that I chose the wrong career path. Molly’s Game does an incredible job of explaining the rules of skiing and poker with the dubbed over narrations. This picture also is shot very nicely and the performances are awesome. Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba play off each other very well. Aaron Sorkin is an incredible writer which actually hurts the film at times for me. It almost seemed like he wanted to hit a record of how much dialogue he could cram into one scene at a time. Even the daughter talks like a robot speaking a million words a minute. Also the dialogue between Molly and her dad was beautifully written but realistically nobody talks that way so it made their interactions less intriguing. It is a lot easier to transfer addictions than to just quit one altogether. After Molly’s accident there is a theme of her wanting to be a competitor again. Molly looked at the entire poker ring as a game that she can control making all of Hollywood’s elite pawns in her plan.

– Caleb Harris

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