Tonya Harding is a success because of how she figure skated
Going on to the olympics where she is celebrated
She is involved in trap
To break an opponents kneecap
In a fall from grace to become Americas most hated

DIRECTOR – Craig Gillespie

ROLE PLAY (Margot Robbie, Allison Janney, Sebastian Stan, Paul Walter Hauser)



“I won my first competition when I was 4 those bitches didn’t know what hit em”

“You fuck dumb, You don’t marry dumb”

“That made us call her the Charles Barkley of figure skating that was bad ass”

“People who said I couldn’t do it I proved you wrong. Fuck you”

“Next time you pull off a hit son don’t put it on visa”


  • Interview mockumentry style
  • Skating numbers camerawork
  • Wedding home video style
  • First Triple axle landing shot
  • Fourth wall breaks
  • Knee break sequence
  • Boxing scene


Tonya Harding breaks down as she stands before a judge who sentences her to a fine, community service and a lifetime ban of pro figure skating.


Who knew figure skating could be so gangsta. This picture has everything from  excellent pacing, arrays of emotion and nice cinematography during the routines. The film did not attempt to sympathize with Tonya Harding. Instead it showcases her rough upbringing and cycle of abuse which humanized her. The supporting cast is hilariously entertaining. As someone who was not familiar with what is only refered to as the “incident” what made their performances even sweeter was watching the actual interview footage of their counterparts during the credits. I thought a lot of their outlandish antics were just for show then I saw nope they are actually really that crazy. This is a very ambitious project for Margot Robbie who is brilliant in her portrayal. I think she not only wanted to challenge herself but Hollywood as well. She is a more than capable actress not just a pretty face who can carry an entire film from start to finish. There is a refusal to acknowledge whether Harding had any information on the notorious attack or not in the movie. What is referenced is that America wants someone to love but they also want someone to hate. In that logic Tonya definitely gives the people what they want.

– Caleb Harris

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