Flick in a Limerick

A commander is stuck transporting a war chief
He does not want to because in the past they had beef
While on the mission
A widow joins the expedition
As they are forced to worked together and turn a new leaf

Director – Scott Cooper

Role Play – (Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Ben Foster, Wes Studi, Jesse Plemons)

Nose Candy

“It is times like this that strengthen our bond in him. If I did not have faith what would I have.”

“I never laid a hand on anyone that didn’t deserve it”

“If you don’t avenge them what did they die for?”

“Go my friend a part of me dies with you”

Style Points

  • New Mexico Scenery
  • Rosalie frantic running as she tries to escape the Comanche party
  • Powerful Rosalie imagery as she buries her family
  • Comanche party ambush
  • Blocker hospital scene
  • Tent kill scene
  • Dramatic Blocker killing landowner

Money Shot


Rosalie is able to avenge the death of her family killing some of the Comanche party. She continuously shoots her pistol as all you can hear is clicking after she runs out of bullets even after her victim was clearly dead.

Final Touch

Right out of the gate this film sets the tone with a unmerciful attack with the Comanche party killing Rosalie’s husband and two daughters. I thought I was in store for a cutthroat action packed movie but instead REALLY SLOWS DOWN from there. There is a lot of meaningful dialogue and realistic conversation amongst characters. I think this may ruin the film for some but if you are a fan of writing you will enjoy. The acting is incredible as Rosamund Pike does not disappoint and Christian Bale has one of his better performances in the past few years. The final sequence at the train station is also done very well. There is an incredible theme here exploring the effects of PTSD on military soldiers and how many people can one kill before they just become numb to it losing their humility. Blocker was able to look inside of himself to confront his own demons and somewhat change his way of thinking on Native Americans. Hostiles is a thought-provoking piece of how we can learn from those we may despise to help us grow and become one as people.

– Caleb Harris

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