Flick in a Limerick

A newly engaged couple goes out to celebrate
The wife to be gets kidnapped while out on the date
Her man calls on his brothers
To help catch these abductors
To get her back before it is too late

Director – Brett Donowho

Role Play

(Bruce Willis, Sophia Bush, Cole Hauser, Melissa Bolona, Ashton Holmes, Shawn Ashmore, Mike Epps, Rotimi, Sean Brosnan)

Nose Candy

“People who are hurt, hurt other people”

“They don’t want to treat the symptoms they want to kill the disease. Take out everyone”

“We don’t have time to fuckin grieve they just killed my wife. We are not going to lose another member of this family”

Style Points

  • Candid war shots
  • C4 interrogation
  • Compound shootout
  • Poem at the end
  • Blur focus kill shot on Max

Money Shot

Roman, Deklan and Brandon infiltrate the hideout that Mia is being held captive. With the help of conflicted detective James Avery, they are able to rescue her as well as many other hostage women.

Final Touch

With all the gunfire going around its difficult to understand why action legend Bruce Willis is not inserted more in these situations. He portrays a cop who knows these brothers are breaking the law but he still feels the obligation to assist them anyway. His presence just seems misused in a film like this. I also wonder how military veterans feel about the way they are depicted here. There is a scene early on with the oldest brother at a therapist as well as the brothers complete disregard for the law when executing their missions to get Mia back. Even after all of the brothers crimes and kill sprees it did not seem like they did any time for it. Simple plot but there a ton of cool shootouts, excellent cinematography and good performances to keep watchers entertained throughout. Acts of Violence is a story about doing whatever it takes to protect the ones you love even if it means taking matters into your own hands.

-Caleb Harris

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