Flick in a Limerick

The newlyweds come back from their honeymoon
Once Ana reveals she is pregnant Christian changes his tune
A former jealous boss
Upset about his loss
Wants to end their relationship real soon



Director – James Foley

Role Play – (Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan)

Nose Candy

“That was not love that was revenge”

“Babies are what happen when you have sex and me and you tend to do a lot of that”

“This baby is going to love you unconditionally just like you love your mother. You just have to forgive yourself.”

“I can’t believe I shot someone”

Money Shot

Jerry Springer Cameo – hell I don’t even know if that was really him but if it was it would be the best part of the film

Final Touch

I have to be honest but a part of me is actually going to miss this trilogy. I don’t know why I have such a guilty obsession with these films but I am an admitted habitual bad movie watcher. It was almost as if everyone involved with this project were like fuck it lets just get this shit over with. There is a unecessary attempt at a high-speed car chase. At Anna’s job none of the associates are ever doing anything. The sex scenes are short and awkward. Christian also has the funniest worst reactions to everything such as him getting mad at Anna for being topless on a naked beach. Or his reaction to finding out that Anna is pregnant. Hopefully Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan can move on with their careers and not be typecast for these roles as they are both talented. The  finale performed very well at the box office so either sex still sells or people just turned out to make sure this saga is actually dead.

-Caleb Harris

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