Flick in a Limerick

An abducted childs captives want money from a mom who has none
The kidnappers say talk to his grandfather because he has a ton
Since the richest man in the world won’t grant the favor
She teams up with a charismatic investigator
By any means to get back her son

Director – Ridley Scott

Role Play

(Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Williams, Christopher Palmer, Charlie Plummer)

Nose Candy

“If you can count your money you are not a billionaire”

“I don’t have any money”
“Ask your father in Law he has all the money in the world”

“I can’t sleep while my child is being held prisoner”

“Where did she get the money is she fucking somebody”

“You can have all the money in the world but you will always be  a no good dirty son of a bitch and don’t forget that. Have a good day sir”

“The king is dead, the throne is vacant, your kids are heirs that means someone has to take his place”

Style Points

  • 70’s era
  • Compound shootout
  • Fire escape sequence
  • Paul and Gail reunited scene

Money Shot

After new captives get a hold of Paul they grow frustrated that they have not received any compensation. The kidnappers cut off a portion of Paul’s ear and mail it to the press. They claim the longer they have to wait for payment the more harm they will extract on Paul.



Final Touch

You know that one rich family member that is always alone, never talks to anyone and refuses to help anyone else out just for the hell of it. J. Paul Getty has them beat. All The Money In The World depicts the actual events of the then richest man in the world who refused to pay the ransom for his own kidnapped grandson. It also displays a mothers unwavering determination in order to get her son back. Getty’s reasoning I believe is deeper then he didn’t want to pay because he didn’t want to perpetuate the notion that if any of his family members are abducted the criminal would just get a payoff. This film really painted J. Paul Getty as a real dick who was money hungry and greedy. Worst of all as wealthy as he was, he could not even spend his money so leaving his own blood out to dry was really inexcusable. This film is very informative with high stakes drama and good all around performances. How much is a life worth? This film begs the question while also depicting the power struggle between love vs money and which is valued more.

-Caleb Harris

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