Director –  Paul Thomas Anderson

Flick in a Limerick

A high-end fashion designer who is very rude

Meets a waitress and she changes his mood

After some time for her self

She realizes he is a jerk like does everyone else

So she drugs him to change his attitude

Role Play

(Daniel Day-Lewis, Vicky Kris, Lesley Manville)

Nose Candy

“Please don’t move so much”
“I’m just buttering my toast I am not moving too much”
“It’s like you just rode a horse across the room”

“If you want to have a staring contest with me you will lose”

“Don’t pick a fight with me, you won’t come out alive. I’ll go right through and you’ll end up on the floor”

“A house that doesn’t change is a dead house”

“She wants to be married in the dress you made”

Style Points

  • 1950’s London Setting
  • Camera off in the distance during intimate conversations
  • Camera on the outside of the car
  • Elma confessionals
  • Slow camera zoom in during proposal
  • New Years Party set design

Money Shot

Alma fixes Reynolds a poisoned omelette. She admits to him that she drugged him the first time because she wanted him to be weak so that she could take care of him. Reynolds realises that he really is in love with Alma and obliges eating the food falling victim to her love trap.



Final Touch

Talk about going out with a bang. Daniel Day-Lewis has an incredible outing and I am still not convinced that he is hanging it up just yet. Vickey Krieps was awesome as well and hope she is acknowledged for her performance. 1950’s London was a sexy setting. There is an array of witty one liners that you can use on your spouse whenever they are getting on your nerves. Alma was very cunning in her methods and made it very obvious of her future ambitions as to one day being at the head of the Woodcock empire. I do think she developed a real love for Reynolds and was not using the relationship with a hidden agenda of advancing her career being that she came from such humble beginnings. I liked the metaphor of Phantom Thread which is when a stewardess is so accustomed to sowing that their hands have a hard time not going through the motions of making clothing even when they are not. I like the tie in with Reynolds who had his daily routine of making dresses for high-end clients and putting on this obnoxious front. All it took was the right woman to come in and break the cycle. Reynolds ultimately craved affection he just did not know how to express it. So in the end he had no other alternative but to accept Alma’s deed. Phantom Thread is a casually dressed love story but stitched into the fabric there is a lesson of taking a chance and living outside of your comfort zone.

-Caleb Harris

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