Director –  Lin Oeding

Flick in a Limerick

A logger by the name of  Joe Braven
Takes his father to a remote location for a quiet vacation
In the middle of drug traffic
A gang attacks things get tragic
As a family tries to survive the home Invasion

Role Play

Jason Mamoa, Garret Dillahunt, Jill Wagner, Stephen Lang, Sasha Rosoff

Style Points

  • Snowy Setting
  • Silent beat down through diner shot
  • Gun scope shots
  • Braven driving thug off a cliff death scene
  • Blur focus on Dad after he is shot
  • Braven using hot coals and setting thug on fire
  • Blur focus on Stephanie as she uses bow and arrow

Money Shot

Braven and Kassen finally face-off one on one where Kassen taunts Braven for killing his father. They engage in a knife battle where ultimately Braven knocks Kassen off of a cliff causing him to fall to his death. Braven is saved by a bear trap and he reunites with his wife and child.

Final Touch

Lin Oeding has a great coming out party and shined in his first feature. The rookie director attacked this film like a veteran providing the characters with great depth and allowing the story to take its time to unfold organically before getting into the gut wrenching action. The cinematography was great with nice use of one takes, point of view shots and camera movement. There are nice shootouts and kill sequences.  Jason Mamoa is so believable in this role and showcased diverse range. The father death scene was unfortunate and really saw Mamoa step outside of his usual bad ass persona and deliver an emotional performance. I do think they could have made Kassen the main antagonist more intimidating as he always seemed timid not sure about his next move. He didn’t seem like he could be the leader of a chess team let a lone a drug gang. Living up to their last name, Braven displays how a family will do whatever it takes to survive and protect each other during extreme elements.

– Caleb Harris

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