Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

Flick In A  Limerick

A captain leads a team to Afghanistan

Against Al Qaida and the Taliban

These special forces

Battle on horses

To make it back home safe with every man

Role Play

(Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Peña, Trevante Rhodes, Navid Negahban, William Fichtner, Elsa Pataky, Austin Stowell, Taylor Sheridan)

Nose Candy

“I don’t care how far  you go just as long as you come back”

“The most important thing a man can take into battle is a reason why”

“We’re fighting with horse men, against tanks”

“Jesus we need to get home”

“This isn’t just your war thousands of people of your country and mine have died. Now let me show you hoe this can work”

“If we quit now what just happened at home is going to happen again and again

Final Touch

12 Strong is a story that needed to be told and was long over due for a big screen adaption. This picture is thrilling, heroic and informative. All of the shootouts displayed nice camerawork using night vision, point of view, gun scope shots and cool explosions. Chris Hemsworth is charismatic as a retired special forces captain and actually gets to play alongside his wife as his actual wife Elsa Pataky. Navid Negahban really stuck out in his role as General Abdul Rashid Dostum. He had engaging dialogue and was very mysterious as one never really surely trusted his motives as you thought at any moment he could turn on team Task Force Dagger. This war drama distributes how unlikely allies in combat must work together for the sake of each others home land.

-Caleb Harris

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