Director – Adam Robitel

Flick in a Limerick

A paranormal investigator with spiritual gifts

Gets a call that he childhood home is experiencing supernatural shifts

To solve this mystery

She must go back to her history

& learn the truths about family rifts

Role Play

(Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannel, Angus Sampson, Hana Hayes, Spencer Locke)

Nose Candy

“I don’t have memories of that place I have scars”

“That is why I spend my life dedicated to fighting these things because I can’t forget the look on my mother’s face when she died”

“You think you are going crazy until you find out that you actually are”

“You left me then abandoned me to a real monster…My father”

“I’m not going to feed you with hatred any more. Fucking starve demon”

Style Points

  • Blur focus as Elise is confronted about seeing a ghost
  • Audrey levitating and choking to death scene
  • Elise putting powerful hands on her father as a child
  • Demon in interrogation room

Money Shot

Elise is trapped in the spirit world so Melissa goes into save her. Keyface ends up stabbing Melissa trapping her as well. Elise gets a hold of the whistle her mother gave her causing her mother to appear helping them all escape.

Final Touch

Paranormal investigator was always my dream job that is why I love the Insidious franchise so much. The first two movies in the series actually were able to scare the hell out of me. The latest effort is clearly the least scary. It moves very slowly with quivering moments spaced very far away from each other. The Last Key does come full circle as Elise eventually dies chronologically later. In this film she finally faced her fears and found her calling of helping other gifted children. Also she is able to reconcile with the spirit of her mother, brother, nieces and paranormal coworkers to find the family she longed for before her time was up. Gritty film that easy to make and will bring audiences out every time is a key for success, Insidious knows that so something tells me that this film in franchise wont be the last.

-Caleb Harris

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