Director – David Fincher

Flick in a Limerick

Mark Zuckerburg creates a website called Facebook

Which was an idea he supposedly took

As a final resort

He gets sued in court

And use his platform to connect the world while cleaning up his look

Role Play

(Jessie Eisienberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Rooney Mara, Brenda Song)

Nose Candy

“Your going to go home thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd. Girls don’t like you because you’re an ass”

“I can’t feel my legs”
“I know I’m super stoked about this idea too”

“I’m 6’5 220 and there is two of money”

“A guy who builds a chair does not owe money to anyone has ever built a chair”

“A million dollars isn’t cool you know whats cool a billion dollars”

“Drop the The, just Facebook its cleaner”

“You mean to tell me the cfo of face book does not know how to change his relationship status on Facebook”

Style Points

  • Flashback storytelling
  • Great use of blur focus
  • Dinner meeting montage
  • Rowing sequence
  • Strip club scene with drowned out audio

Money Shot

As Eduardo Saverin heads to Facebook headquarters right as the network is about to reach a million members, he realises he is there for an ambush. He finds Mark Zuckerberg and confronts him about deceiving him out of his share in the company. Saverin breaks Zuckerberg’s laptop and delivers an incredible monologue stating that he is going to sue him and that he is coming for everything!

Final Touch

The Social Network is an incredible display of how one great idea away can revolutionize life and technology as we know it. Mark Zuckerberg took a website and turned it into the most utilized social platform becoming the world’s youngest billionaire. Zuckerburg still owns and operates Facebook to this day as he refuses to sell it claiming that he is not interested in the money he wants Facebook to change the world. Director David Fincher has a distinct grungy style in all of his films and here he utilizes excellent use of blur focus and transitioning back and forth through time periods. The acting was great as for Jessie Eisienberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake was all three of their best performances of their movie careers by far. The final image was done well too with Zuckerberg sending a friend request and constantly refreshing the page to see if it was accepted. It was very interesting taking a look back at how humanity communicated before there was social networking. I mean hell this film only took place 15 years ago and now it is difficult to think about how people interacted before such platforms existed. This film is based on true events but is fictionalized in order to create a story. It’s weird how they say socially awkward people start social networks as they made Zuckerberg out to be an asshole with no real friends. Turns out he was always a great guy who wanted to connect people just hiding behind his profile.

-Caleb Harris

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