Director – Jaume Collet-Serra

Flick in a Limerick

An insurance salesman boards a train after he is laid off

He is told he must murder a passenger because he is an ex cop

He uses his skill

To see who he should kill

And save a witness before the last stop



Role Play

(Liam Neeson, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Elizabeth Mcgovern, Sam Neil)

Nose Candy

“You want proof you’re a good man, look at your family. You live for them now”

“I’m going to take a leak, my prostate is bigger then your head”

“Do you want my advice as a detective or as a friend because they are two very different things”

“No matter how much they pay you, you always end up owing more”

“I can’t let anyone leave, not until I know everyone is safe”

Style Points

  • Blur focus and voice drown out as Michael is getting laid off
  • Pan of train when Michael is considering the deal
  • Camerawork as Michael is ejected off train and gets back on
  • Intense poker game scene
  • Train derailed sequence

Money Shot

After a key word hint it is revealed that Michael’s former partner and friend Murph set him up and is responsible for a murder. Murph asks the remaining passengers which one is “Prynne” and they all stand up covering for the actual witness. Murph and Michael get in an altercation as Murph threatens to kill them all just to be safe. The police are able to see through the train with special vision to shoot and kill Murph after they overhear his confession.

Final Touch

Liam Neeson delivers again as he has his usual great performance. I also liked the Conjuring connection of Vera Farniga and Patrick Wilson as they make a great team. The Commuter is very action packed and entertaining despite having some huuuuggggeee gaps in logic. This story itself is just way too inconceivable. Why did the antagonists want Michael to kill the witness as opposed to just doing that themselves since they killed so many other multiple people on the train? How come nobody saw the old man get pushed into the bus right in front of everyone? I mean as an ex cop Michael could not have handled this situation any worse such as taking the money initially, not checking on his family first and failing to notify authority. This film is very exciting however with multiple suspects and twists in plot to gauge interest throughout. I thought the initial sequences did an excellent job of building Michael’s desperation. The poker game sequence was very tense. The fight sequences and explosions are riveting. I also thought the climax was satisfying and was able to capitalize from the built up drama. If you have seen any previous Liam Neeson movie ever where his family is threatened and he has to beat a clock, then you have seen the Commuter.

-Caleb Harris

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