Directors – Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig


Jigsaw has died but his game turns up years after

New victims are sought out for capture

The police can’t catch their breath

As they study each death

In this overkill of a bloody disaster


“Just because someone is dead doesn’t mean they don’t have a voice”

“We all have a thumb on the scale one for good one for evil. You have been weighing in the wrong direction”

“I speak for the dead”


  • Karlee death after dog collar choke sequence
  • Quicksand with falling sharp objects
  • Snapping off own leg
  • Blur focus on Mitch in barn and shredder kill
  • Puzzle piece being burned on face


( Tobin Bell, Laura Vandervoot, Hannah Anderson, Matt Passmore)

The performances were theatric and enthusiastic especially during the frantic moments where the victims were terrified for their life. It was also cool to see Tobin Bell reprise his role as his tone and charisma add so much to the Saw saga.


Logan plays us all as he fakes his own death with a suffocating Laser device. He is able to get Hallohan to admit to all of his corruption. Nelson then reveals that Kramer spared his life 10 years ago and because of Hallohan’s evil doings one of the criminals he let go was responsible for taking his wife’s life. Nelson takes over Jigsaws legacy then frames Hallohan for all of the new deaths.




The original Saw is actually one of my favorite films as it was cutting edge and riveting from beginning to end. Director James Wan did an excellent job of creating a visual masterpiece on such a very small budget. It worked to his credit as Saw became a cult classic and was able to produce numerous sequels year after year and still be able to obtain revenue. As far as this latest effort in the franchise because I am convinced there will be another Saw produced sooner or later I actually don’t think that this was the worst one in the Saga. Especially since after Saw The Final Chapter it really couldn’t get any worse. The death scenes came off a little cheesy and more humorous than hectic. The actors did a really good job of making all of  the chaos seem believable however. The Spierig brothers did their best to make this film seem like their own as far as style is concerned. Relatively the plot and action is the same as all the other Saw films attached with as much bloody massacre that you can imagine. The twist at the end was also cool as I think it was the best since the first one. If you get a kick out of human torture by all means check out  Jig Saw 8 but if you have seen any one of the previous films you wont be exposed to anything new.

– Caleb Harris

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