Director – Dean Devlin

Flick in a Limerick

Two brothers one on earth one on space

Team up to put a broken satellite back into place

In the midst of disaster

The nations all gather

As a Geostorm threatens the human race

Nose Candy

“They called it extreme weather they didn’t even know what extreme was”

“Sorry about being late I literally just had to fly in from outer space”

“Sometimes science is all about playing god sometimes god doesn’t play so nice”

“As long as we remember we share one future we will survive”

I was actually very impressed with the writing. There were intense monologues like the fish story and catchy lines that the actors could work off of. I also dug the daughter narrating the bookends of this film.

Style Points

  • Satellites in space shots
  • Eggs frying on concrete
  • Point of view shots in astronaut suit
  • Freezing beach goers and plane crash
  • Car chase with lightning
  • Blur focus on incoming tsunami

Role Play

(Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Daniel Wu , Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, Zazee Beetz.)

I actually thought there were some excellent performances here as Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgess had remarkable chemistry as estranged brothers and had a few touching moments. Abbie Cornish came out of nowhere with an excellent job as a believable secret service agent. My only issue was I felt that there were a few miscast here which brought down the whole believability of the film. Such as Zazee Beetz seemed out-of-place here as a technical junkie and there was actually no way you could buy any of those actors as space cadets.

Money Shot


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Max and Sarah kidnap the president as they try to protect him from Dekkom and anyone trying to capture him for the kill code. They make an escape from the Democratic national convention before the arena is destroyed by a lightning storm.

Final Touch

While not that impactful I thought Geostorm was actually pretty solid. The writing and performances were tremendous as well as some pretty inspirational scoring. The effects for 2017 were extremely awful as it seemed like something out of an early 1990’s video game. The explosions, spaceships, computer screens and shots during the democratic national convention were laughably terrible. I thought this film struggled to find an identity. As a viewer I got the impression this was more of a comedy than a national crisis. There are some glaring plot holes but to the film’s credit it kept my attention throughout. Living in Louisiana climate change and storms consistently intensifying hit close to me. I thought this was an interesting theme even for an apocalyptic film that had potential. I can’t help but think that maybe if this movie would have come out 15 years ago how popular this would be. Geostorm was not a total disaster but I still would call Fema to see if I can get any money back if you catch my drift.

– Caleb Harris

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