Director – Don Mancini


Four years after the Curse of Chucky, initial prey Andy Barclay has trouble living a normal life. He exists confined and miserable with the head of the original Chucky still locked up in his house. He even rolls up a joint with him and talks to him about his life problems. Nica Pierce is now in a mental institution being framed for the murders of Chucky and has been brainwashed to believe that Chucky was a figment of her imagination. While in a group therapy session Nica receives a good guy doll in order to help her cope with relieving her from the stress of Chucky. Nica then receives a visit from Tiffany Valentine who gives her another good guy doll claiming it was a gift from Nica’s niece. The doll awakes that night as Chucky then possesses the other good guy and they wreak havoc over the entire asylum.

Nose Candy

“I wont hurt you I just meed someone to talk to”

“The simplest explanation is usually the right one…Chucky did it.”

“Hell be back…..he always comes back”

“A mothers love never dies”

“Why do I always fall for the crazy ones”

“I don’t know what to do with this guy I dont know whether to kill him or take notes”

“A true classic never goes out of style’

Style Points

  • Chucky point of view shots
  • Blur focus on Chucky before he strikes
  • Using faces for scene transitions
  • Split focus master plan sequence
  • Glass ceiling breaking death scene

Role Play

(Fiona Dourif, Jennifer Tilley, Alex Vincent, Brad Douriff)

The acting in this film is just dreadful but that is mainly beacuse of a horrible script and unfathomable storyline. It it is almost like the film is intentionally attempting to be this terrible. It is cool to have Brad Douriff reprise his role of the voice of Chucky after all these years as he came through with awesome one liners as always.

Money Shot

One of the Chucky dolls transfers his soul to Nica causing her to be able to finally stand up from her wheelchair. With the help of the other two Chucky dolls they are able to escape the asylum while trapping Andy in a padded room. Nica walks outside and is picked up by Tiffany. The two embrace as they ride off together with the Tiffany doll revealed to be in the backseat.

Final Touch

What was once a transcendent horror film has been reduced to the unnecessary sequel category that gets rebooted and extra repulsive. The latest from the Chucky saga continues to offer gore galore and bad dialogue. This film suffered from too many inappropriate scenes such as the sex in the wheelchair scene. Not to mention the strange breaking the fourth wall moments such as pointing out Tiffany as Jennifer Tilley. If you are a fan of Child’s Play Charles Lee Ray offers some kick ass one liners as usual and there is a cool after credits scene that looks to reintroduce an old character from a previous film. People love a train wreck so even with as horrible the Chucky films have gotten this is one cult I can’t stop following.

-Caleb Harris