Director – Neils Arden Oplev


Ambitious student Courtney (Ellen Page) is obsessed with the near death experiences after a car accident that killed her sister. Courtney encourages 4 classmates to experiment in flatlining which stops a persons heartbeat for short intervals to witness what lies in store after death. After Courtney’s first experience she begins to develop super human capabilities and the other young adults involved want at it. Each student begins to take turns flatlining to obtain research and experience what it is like on the other side. Initially they begin to celebrate their miraculous discovery. Soon after though the adventurers begin suffering from spooky hallucinations from their stints of death and are haunted by the sins of their past.

Nose Candy

“I took lsd once. I stayed awake for 3 days”

“If you are willing to change an autopsy report then you shouldn’t be a doctor”

“Some lines should not be crossed we lost a friend and it will never be the same”

Style Points

  • Flash backs to car accident
  • Shots of each student in  limbo
  • Shot of Jamie on motorcycle
  • Courtney communicating through the phone and having all the lights turn out
  • Bag over Marlo’s face while driving

Role Play

( Ellen Page, Diego Luna, NIna Dobrev, James Norton, Kierson Clemsons, Kiefer Sutherland)

Clearly this film went all out on obtaining the most attractive cast for this film. The first Flatliners had excellent casting choosing all young actors who eventually became huge stars such as Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin and Kevin Bacon. I hope this young cast has a bright future but I don’t know if this was on the mind of the casting department for this new version. Ellen Page was a perfect choice for a film like this and still looks so Juno young. At times I did feel she was way to good for this film.  Sutherland even makes a return appearance as a professor wearing a horrible white wig. All other performances were fine and helped me care about this film far more than I should have.

Money Shot

Unable to come to grips with the guilt of her past, Milo flatlines herself with the intention of killing herself. While on the other side she comes face to face with her demons and is finally able to forgive herself for her wrong doing. Milos classmates are able to resuscitate her and grow to appreciate each others friendship.

Final Touch

Flatliners is a cautionary tale that proves people only feel the need to apologize years after the fact when they are being chased down by demons not beacuse they are actually sorry. The biggest issue I had with this film is that it did not protect the finish. This movie started off strong and completely went downhill with no real gripping moments and killer effects. The limbo scenes were very frantic and did an excellent job of building tension. The film had good performances I think the actors did way too much with what they were given. There was nice use of the main character Courtney dying halfway through. Good job from switching from sci-fi to horror as well. There is great morality of how when someone goes through a near death experience they want to get back and right all of the wrongs they did throughout life to clear their conscience. Flatliners is clearly an interesting concept that I feel can be done right but this remake was so uninspired that it should not have been revived.

– Caleb Harris