Director– Christopher B. Landon


Tree (Jessica Rothe) is a promiscuous selfish college student who doesn’t value her close friends, sleeps with one of her teachers and completely avoids her father for no good reason. On the night of her birthday September 18, Tree encounters a mysterious music box and is ultimately killed by a slasher in a silly mask with one tooth. Tree is forced to relive her birthday over and over again each time ending with her being killed. Tree begins to feel worse as each repeating day passes and realises she doesn’t have much time left. After some advice from her new friend Carter (Israel Broussard) Tree finally decides to investigate who is responsible for her homicide.

Nose Candy

“Who takes a girl to Subway on a first date? I mean it’s not like you have a foot long.”

“Why don’t you try this with the girls from delta gamma. There into Cosplay”

“You know whats funny? When you relive the same day over and over. You start to see how bad of a person you really are.”

“I know I’ve been a bad roommate but isn’t this a bit much?”

Style Points

  • Zoom in on sign on dorm room door
  • Zoom in on magical mystic box
  • Frantic looks as Tree is running through campus
  • Tree Being knocked out with bat and being placed back in bed on the next day

Role Play

What is interesting about this project as opposed to usual slasher films where the main protagonist is a sweet and virtuous young lady. Tree’s a wild child who is rude and conceited. It did make it difficult for me to try to root for her to make it at times. Jessica Roth not only had to be wicked but also sexy than sweet then be humorous and make fart jokes. Nice well-rounded performance here.

Money Shot

As Tree escapes her killer from a hospital she speeds away in a stolen car. She is eventually stopped by a police officer who attempts to arrest her. As Tree is being placed in cuffs, the policeman is ultimately struck by Trees killer. The killer ultimately blows up the police car with a birthday candle killing Tree once again.


What black girls name is Becky?

Final Touch

This is a classic case of stuck up girl gets scared straight. Jessica Rothe is hot but as a character was not sympathetic enough to make me care if she died or not. My problem with this film was that midway through it turned comedic and is way to facetious to be taken seriously as a true slasher film. The deaths were not scary or gory enough to be entertaining. Of course there were many crazy inconceivable tactics and ridiculous dialogue that can only happen in a horror flick even by these standards. Also the nice little shout out to Groundhog Day at the end was funny. I have to admit Happy Death Day is a guilty pleasure with a tired concept that should never again be repeated.

-Caleb Harris