One of my all time fave reality game shows  Big Brother 19 wrapped up last night crowning a new winner Josh with the second year in a row Paul coming in second place.

That meatball Josh. It’s not that I don’t think Josh played a bad game. I think he had good tactics and his eviction night diaries I thought was an innovative strategy to put all the blame on Paul when someone left the house. He wore his heart on his sleeve and played with the most emotion of any houseguest in history. I could also relate to his story of him being a life long big brother fan and it being his dream since he was a kid of winning and congrats are in order.

In my opinion that doesn’t matter Paul should have won. From beginning to end he dominated the entire game from a social and strategic standpoint. He won pivotal competitions when he needed to. Statistics don’t lie unfortunately not as good as did. I think there were just too many bitter jury members that took his playing many of the side and dirty tactics personally.

Furthermore I’m not just blowing more smoke towards Paul but every move was so calculated I don’t think it is an overstatement to claim that he planned to convince Josh that he would be a better choice to go to the final two with because he had a better shot at winning. Then lose the final Hoh on purpose so Josh would win and vote out Christmas. Christmas would then be pissed at Josh and vote for Paul to win.

The jury was so split with the votes being tallied as 5 to 4 in favor of Josh. I think half of the jury respected Paul’s gameplay while the other half was so pissed at being played all season they were bitter and voted against him out of spite.
I think Cody didn’t give a shit either way and randomly picked a key and stuck it in to decide the winner. I was shocked to see him win Americas favorite houseguest considering it seemed as though he mentally checked out of the entire game. Even he claimed this doesn’t make sense.

I enjoyed this season a lot with my only grievances being there were way too many temptations and surprises that disrupted the overall flow of the game. It was too difficult for players to strategize when a twist would destroy the momentum. Such as Paul not being able to be eliminated for 3 weeks or Christmas having the power to replace a veto nominee.
I was also surprised at the amount of showmances this year and in certain instances such as with Jody and Mayven I felt sacrificed their games and prize money for people they just met.

I am a big brother fanatic and have been since season 1. Every summer I would be anticipating the new season. I was completely stoked to hear that there will be a celebrity version of Big Brother this Winter to get my fix. Big Brother 19 has been one of my favorite seasons with exceptional strategies, gameplay and drama.

– Caleb Harris

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