Director – Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez


Three film students ( Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael Williams) embark on a journey to small town Burkittsville, Maryland to document the folklore of local murderer Blair Witch. Over the course of five days the students travel in the black hills in search but during the course of the trek the map gets lost and the crew starts to hear strange noises.The students disappear never to be hard from again and 1 year later the raw footage was discovered.

Nose Candy

“I see why you like the camera so much. It’s not quite reality. It’s like a totally filtered reality.”

“Is that the Blair Witch? No it’s Heather taking a piss.”

“On Sundays I used to like to go hiking but now…”

“I’m scared to close my eyes im scared to open them”

Style Points

  • Found footage approach
  • Documentary style
  • Interviews with locals
  • Weird chest hair scene
  • Pitch blackness with just audio

Role Play

The intriguing aspect of the portrayals in this film was that all of the actors used there actual names. I think this was an excellent touch especially for the time period. Although I do wonder did this make it more difficult for the actors here to obtain future roles. Like would their careers have been different have they decided not to do this film. There were small touches such as asking the locals for permission to be filmed and also the nervousness that was displayed after the map was lost that also made the film more believable.

Money Shot

Jessica’s notorious and often memed close up confession. With the camera are on her she finally admits that this whole ordeal was her fault and apologizes to her and her classmates family for putting them in this situation.

Final Touch

This is what happens when kids consume too much alcohol. The most notable aspect of The Blair Witch Project was how real it came off. The found footage documentary style approach was unique. The film as a whole was actually quite boring and uneventful but the execution was ground breaking. The whole movie is three kids looking in the woods for an hour untill they end up in a house. The climatic scene you can’t even witness anything as the camera drops you hear screaming then its over. It was simple and looking back on it now very humorous and cheesy but it was effective. I remember at the time people were saying this was one of the scariest films ever and at the time you could make anyone believe anything. Hell I did. This film was so innovative and creative it will always hold a place as a torch-bearer in the scary film genre and also helped open the door for future films such as the Paranormal Activity brand. The Blair Witch Project is a transcendent horror that down the line proved to be a successful experiment.

– Caleb Harris

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