Director – David Leitch


Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) is the top spy for the organization M16 who is being interrogated about the death of a fellow M16 agent. The film is told as a flashback ten days prior where Lorraine is tasked with heading into Britain to obtain “The List.” This significant object contains names of spies who are working as double agents that has gone missing on the night of the Berlin Wall fall in 1989. While in Berlin Lorraine is immediately attacked by KGB agents she is forced to battle throughout her venture there. Lorraine eventually teams up with Percival (James Mcavoy) a rogue former Berlin Chief who has ties to an operative who knows the entire “list” by memory.  Percival also warns Lorraine of a double agent named Satchel who is on the hunt for them as well.

Nose Candy

“Don’t shoot I’ve got your shoe”

“This was not a question it was a statement”

“I’m impressed You’ve got some balls breaking in here.” “If you seen my balls you would be really impressed”

“3 is normally not a crowd but right now on is”

“You can’t unfuck whats already been fucked”

“You look different when you tell the truth. Your eyes change”

“Have you ever realized every person you get close to ends up dead?”

“I never worked for you, you worked for me”

Style Points

  • Under saturated color look
  • Burning photograph in sink
  • Beautiful capture of the eighties
  • Blur focus on girl in phone booth
  • Car mirror shots during taxi ride
  • Night time-lapse
  • Under water shot during bath
  • Getaway car chase
  • Pillow feathers flying during hotel suite shootout

Role Play

I sing the praises of Charlize Therion. She was incredible here as always showcasing her unlimited range. This role asked a lot of her but she effortlessly kicked mens asses and got sexual in scenes being with another a woman. Very strong, confident and mysterious performance. James Mccavoy was great here too. Ever since I saw him in Split I try to convince myself there is not another character left for him then he comes through with this. As expected nothing less than perfection from these two great stars.

Money Shot

The sick fight sequence in the staircase. This work of art lasts nearly 10 minutes and is shot all in one take.

Final Touch

David Leitch definitely showed off all of the tricks in his stunt work bag for his directorial debut. From the action sequences to the cinematography, this was a stylish sexy display. There was excellent use of color notably mostly being shot under saturated but changed up nicely such as the red tint during the bar scenes. I also love how this film depicted the eighties using several hits from the decade incorporated with b boy dancing and old school MTV clips. The performances by the two main stars Charlize Theron and James Mccavoy were superb. I can honestly say that even though I was truly amazed by the razzle-dazzle this film has to offer I really didn’t care that much about the story. I don’t believe the characters were presented in a way that made me concern over them to the point when the big reveal happened I was truly unfazed. Who Cares? Atomic Blonde will lock viewers eyes in this dashing aesthetically satisfying demonstration.

-Caleb Harris

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