Meek Mill has definitely been making the headlines the past couple of years and none of them have anything to do with his music. Whether it was coming out on the wrong side of a rap battle to Drake or public break up to Nicki Minaj it would seem as though Meek has been taking L’s like cool J. The title alone Wins and Losses has won me over as it is very appropriate and engaging. With so much going on in the young Philly emcees life at the moment it would be counterproductive not to bring up his current state in his latest project. If anything, writing and being able to vent maybe therapeutic for him. Also we listeners may get to hear a different side to him finally ditching the dream chasers title series and grabbing hold to his full potential.

Nose Candy

“She got a big head I was like whoa Gina”

“Not talking money its nonsense”

“40s bust your windows out like Jasmine Sullivan”

“I gave my momma 10 thousand at least a thousand times do the math”

“Always posting on the gram and they ain’t sending pics”

“I fly commercial but I don’t do tv shows”

“I’m to real for that fake shit”

“Im a bull im a taurus”


Wins and Losses opens up with some motivational wisdom from E.T the hip hop preacher as it was only a matter of time before he made it on a rap album. Meek lets loose with a rapid fire flow going hard from beginning to end. I have always been a fan of lyrical onslaught openings because if anything else they set the mood for what the rest of the project is going to be like.

We then transition to an emotional piece titled heavy heart. Meek raps
“Gave this hustle everything I got
Kept it real from the very start
Niggas say they with you when they really not”

Meek speaks on those he had to let loose from his inner circle and the snakes in the grass that are close to you but only wanna see your downfall. A stand out track and a side of Meek we don’t witness to often.

Meek speaks on all of his past relationships and that is why he can’t trust women on “Issues” but also shows off his love for the ladies with the “girl” records “Fallthrough” and the Chris Brown assisted “Whatever You Need” which borrows the over used Tony Tone Tony sample.

“Young Black America” is another Wins and Losses highlight as Meek depicts what it is like to be an african american in todays day and age. The lyrics “White man kill a black man they never report us” Black man kill a white man, they gon start a war up” was bone chilling. Meek provides inspiration to black youth to stop the senseless killing. He also does a great job of speaking about how you can be anything you want to be and not get caught up in the street life claiming ” I could have been a lawyer” and “Niggas on the street don’t love you”

Meek stays true to his street persona on hard-hitting tracks like “Fuck That Check Up” “We Ball” and “Connect the Dots” featuring Yo Gotti and Rick Ross. Meek also takes time out to stunt about his shine on first single  “Glow”

Another Wins and Losses moment  comes on “Ball Player” featuring Quavo who steals the show by repeating his verse/hook twice and shouts out Blues Clues with the Line “Feeling like Blues Clues here come the mail I wanna yell”

Meek ends on a high note with the track titled “Price” in a song about how he was much happier struggling on the streets as opposed to now that he is rich and famous. He is always in the news and is constantly having to watch his back all the time and questions is being a celebrity worth it. The piano chords that follow this are just incredible and the perfect touch to finish off this work.

Money Track

Never lose featuring Lihtz Kamraz

Lihtz comes through with a catchy and inspirational hook. Never lose is recited no less than a million times but it works. Meek claims that all of the obstacles that he has had to overcome in his life are nothing compared to the small nuances which some may consider losses. Meek has already won in life just surviving his old situation and for that he will always be a winner.

Final Touch

Wins and Losses is a roller coaster touching on a variety of subjects but it does take viewers on a ride of all the ups and downs Meek has experienced of late. There are still a lot of Meek tendencies that will probably never change at this stage such as the screaming lyrics and bars about street life. Meek has delivered on a solid well-rounded project that doesn’t just speak on his current state but the current state of the genre as a whole.  I do think Meek stepped out of his comfort zone on this album and will have some songs that will actually surprise long time listeners. Also I have always felt Meek is underrated lyrically and will impress those skeptic to his pen game.On Wins and Losses Meek Mill is rapping like a man possessed that his been completely counted out and back to prove that he still holds a place in this industry.

-Caleb Harris

Any thoughts on the write up, or Wins and Losses Do your thing in the comments.