Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and “Notorious” Conor McGregor have just finished embarking on a unprecedented four city-four day promotional tour for their upcoming dream match taking place August 26th.

The two best at their respected crafts trekked from Los Angeles to New York to Toronto to London basically to call each other profanity based names and talk about each others fashion choices.

The entire tour seemed very gimmicky and over the top but I do feel each guy enjoyed themselves as they know this is just for show and are in for a huge payout. Both have to resort to those antics in order for people to buy into the hype. I believe the press conference has to be way more entertaining than this because what may happen in the ring has the potential in what some believe could be an epic letdown.

I thought both guys did an excellent job of protecting the integrity of the fight and advertising it like it is going to be a classic match up. Even though this is McGregor’s first professional boxing fight and Mayweather is 49 – 0. As a promoter you never want to proclaim how you are going to devour your opponent because essentially nobody would buy it. Especially at a whopping $100 price tag.
McGregor was definitely the fan favorite here. In every city they went to the crowd was overwhelmingly in Conor’s corner. In Toronto Conor had the entire crowd eating out of the palm of his hand even getting the crowd to sing fuck the Mayweathers. McGregor even poked fun about Mayweather’s alleged domestic abuse as well as his rumored illiteracy. Just as good as McGregor was great at embracing the love Mayweather was at embracing the hate as he has always made for a good villain easy to root against. Floyd had some nose candy claiming he would take the fortune over the fame any day and knows people who have over 20,000 followers but not 20,000 in their bank account.
Some weird fashion choices here as Mayweather would only wear a track suit and decided to wear a cap with the number 48 stitched on it. The reference was to Floyd’s victory over Manny Pacquiao two years ago which was at the time the biggest fight of the century. That bout turned out to be a standard uneventful twelve round battle with no real excitement or drama. Why reference one of the biggest letdowns of a fight to pinpoint on your head as to why we would want to buy this one? The best part about the entire press conference was McGregor’s suit that had fuck you designed on the blazer. McGregor had a nose candy about how fashion and fighting are similar and that they both pay very close attention to detail.

Other highlights and takes from the tour include

  • Mayweather going live on his phone
  • Mayweather making it rain on Conor.
  • Conor rubbing Mayweather’s head.
  • Both guys can’t dance
  • Mayweather Sr. talking trash to Conor. I think Mayweather Sr. maybe a bigger advocate for his son then Lavar Ball.

Unfortunately we got to hear the worst from both combatants each hitting below the belt with racist references and homophobic slurs. Honestly I do not believe either one is truly that hateful and were both just caught up in playing to the crowd.

There are so many different variables that could factor in here such as Mayweather’s age and that he has not fought in two years. For McGregor it is that he has never had a professional boxing fight and can he hold back his instincts of being a mixed martial artist and just only throw fist.

Floyd’s taxes are another issue that has come up recently with reports that he owes back from his high earning fight in 2015. Could this fight be utilized only to pay back his rumored debt. Mayweather nonchalantly replied with a tweet of a picture of his 100,000 dollar check he recieved in 2015 he has never cashed. Don’t checks have a shelf life and expire after a certain amount of time?

Regardless of outcome I do think this fight will be worth viewing just because the characters are so great and the antics are going to be way to entertaining if nothing else. The biggest force in boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. meets the master of mixed martial arts Conor Mcgregor in a showcase of the immortals August 26th at the Las Vegas T-Mobile arena on Showtime pay per view.

-Caleb Raves

Any thoughts on the press conference, fight or write up. In the comments do your thing!