On the eve of NBA teams being able to negotiate with free agent basketball players, I have decide to compile a player I feel every team should target. First I am making this list with the perception that every team will be resigning all of their respected free agents and will be utilizing their newly acquired talent to become a better team. Exemple Clippers resign Blake Griffin and JJ Reddick then a new free agent to help them continue to build.  Also no resigns. I hate when I read articles like this and majority of the teams are just a no duh they need to sign their own free agent. Here is to hoping this free agent season is fun and crazy for all of us basketball fans.

Atlanta Hawks – Nerlens Noel

After trading Dwight Howard the Hawks could offer a big deal for Noel to help their front court and have a center for the future. Given Noels injury history if ATL makes some ridiculous offer the Mavs may not want to match.

Boston Celtics – Gordon Hayward

The blatantly obvious choice. The connection between Hayward and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has been well documented since their college days at Butler. Hayward fills several voids as he is an isolation scorer to relieve some pressure from Isaiah Thomas and can also stretch the floor with some three-point shooting. I do not know if this pushes them past Cleveland but at least it is an effort.

Brooklyn Nets – Rudy Gay

Nets ownership have been trying to land players the past few off seasons who were on restricted deals to no avail. Something tells me the Nets will overpay for Gay as he could bring isolation scoring on the wing. After tearing his achilles other teams maybe scared to offer Gay a long-term deal and Brooklyn needs to take a chance on someone. There is no point in tanking with no draft pick so why try to be somewhat good next year and don’t give Boston another top five pick.

Charlotte Hornets – Shaun Livingston

Livingston could be the odd man out in Golden State after the Warriors will have to pay huge money to keep their core together. Livingston can play multiple positions off the bench. He would also add championship experience and a taller ball handler to have Kemba Walker play off the ball.

Chicago Bulls – Otto Porter Jr.

Someone is going to overpay for Otto Porter Jr. and the Wizards may not want to match the offer. After trading away all-star Jimmy Butler the Bulls could bring Porter Jr. in as a replacement at the wing. Otto will probably never be an all-star but he will add much needed three-point shooting to a team that desperately needs it.

Cleveland Cavaliers – James Johnson

Not well-known James Johnson could be a nice fit for the Cavs. After a devastating finals defeat for Cleveland matchups were a key. Cleveland does not have a lot of money to spend but if they are able to get James Johnson at a good price they will have another wing player that can play and guard multiple positions. Lebron James can’t play the whole game anymore and they need a player to provide some good minutes for him when he is out. A clear better fit against Golden State instead of going with two bigs.

Dallas Mavericks – Ersan Illysova

Dallas has a nice young squad shaping up. They really do not need to hit a home run with young players such as Harrison Barnes, Nerlens Noel, Seth Curry and lottery pick Dennis Smith Jr. Bringing in a nice veteran like Ersan Illysova to give aging star Dirk Nowitzki a breather and stand in for him when he is not on the floor.

Denver Nuggets – Thaj Gibson

The Nuggets seem to have good young players at every position. The only problem is they have no star. Nikola Jokic or Jamal Murray may break out next year so I think Denver should bring in a nice playoff tested veteran to provide some good minutes for this young team and provide locker room leadership. I mean they have to spend the money on someone and if it doesn’t work out he could still be a trade chip.

Detroit Pistons – Pattie Mills

Detroit loves overpaying for former Spurs so Pattie Mills can do that for the Pistons this year. Mills will provide some much-needed three-point shooting and leadership to a team that really needs it. Can also hold down the point if Reggie Jackson ends up in the doghouse again.

Golden State Warriors – Dewayne Dedmond

The warriors do not really need anything after waltzing to a championship last season. as long as Kevin Durant and Steph Curry are still breathing this team will be fine. However Golden State could use some size and some hustle plays so maybe they can land hidden gem Dedmond at a reasonable price.
Houston Rockets – Pj Tucker

The Rockets have been busy this offseason obtaining multiple time all-star point guard Chris Paul to go along with all-star James Harden. The Rockets did give up a lot in the back court trading Lou Williams and Patrick Beverly. Tucker is a good rotational piece who can hit threes and be responsible enough to play defense for a team that does not really care to do so.

Indiana Pacers – Jeff Green

There is just no good decision for the Pacers to make here. All Star Paul George wants out and Indiana was unable to find a good deal before the draft. As long as the first domino is still standing the rest of the offseason piecies can’t fall into place. I say just sign Jeff Green to a one year deal like he did last year and hopefully he plays well enough for a playoff team to be desperate enough to trade a late first rounder for him like in years past.

Los Angeles Clippers – Jrue Holiday

The CP3 era in Clipperland is over. If the Clips don’t want a full on rebuild and retain Blake Griffin they could bring in the hometown Jrue Holliday to run point. I actually thing the Clips got some good assets in the Chris Paul trade and although Holiday is not as great he could give the Clippers a playoff push as they just needed to go in a different direction.

Los Angeles Lakers – Robert Covington

My favorite team the Los Angeles Lakers are really just saving cap space for next years monster free agency. However if the Lakers want to bring in a long-term piece they could make an offer to restricted free agent Covington. Covington will add much-needed defense on the perimeter and maybe Lonzo Ball can make him look a lot better on the offensive end.
Memphis Grizzlies – Dion Waiters

Is there a more fun player in the league right now than Dion Waiters? Memphis desperately struggles to score and after not getting anything from Chandler Parsons last season I say sign Waiters and give him the green light and shoot everytime down. What could go wrong? At least it is better than the inside out game the Grizz have been trying and going nowhere with for years.

Miami Heat – Serge Ibaka

Could you imagine a front court of Whiteside and Ibaka? This could be a block party in the making. Ibaka can also step out and hit threes now for better floor spacing. Also the Heat will be in the market for a new 4 after finally parting ways with Chris Bosh.

Milwaukee Bucks – Derrick Rose

The Milwaukee crowd  did everything to court D Rose in the Knicks final visit there last season. Derrick even admitted in the post game interview that Milwaukee was like a second home to him. Obviously Rose’s injury history will scare off some teams. Rose showed flashes of old D Rose last season and can help with attendance for the new arena. Plus if and when Rose misses time due to injury they have depth with Malcom Brogdan and Matthew Dellavadova to hold down the point position.

Minnesota Timberwolves – George Hill

The Ricky Rubio experiment is beyond past the point of no return. All parties just need to move on. I like Hill here because he does not have to be great after adding all-star Jimmy Butler and emerging Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns. Hill is a better defender and a waaayyy better shooter then Rubio to help with spacing. Could still even use Rubio as a back up but he is beyond opportunities to start.

New Orleans Pelicans – Jj Reddick

With the duo of Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins Dominating in the post. The Pelicans will definitely need some outside shooting to help spread the floor. Reddick will be looking for a raise and is a long distance specialist. New Orleans could be the team to dish out the dough.

New York Knicks – Rajon Rondo

The Zenmaster finally got canned in New York so who knows what could happen to the most disastrous team in sports. The only person that wants Carmello Anthony in New York right now is Carmello Anthony and I still don’t think he waives his no trade clause. I like Rondo here because he is still sneaky good, can play both sides of the floor and makes his teammates better. He could get Zinger great looks and be a mentor to lottery pick Frank Ntilikina. The Knicks need more than a player right now they need a leader and I would take a shot at Rondo.

Oklahoma City Thunder – Daniel Gallinari

I have heard some rumblings about Blake Griifin here but he does nothing to add to the spacing problem that exists in Oklahoma City. Kevin Durant is a once in a generation talent and is irreplaceable no one will ever live up to his value. Gallanari however could add a versatile forward and could give this team some much-needed outside shooting.

Orlando Magic – Zach Randolph

The Magic have no identity. They have to many players with no position that all play the same position if that makes any sense. The one thing Orlando lacks is a low post presence and if Zach is out in Memphis he could sign a big money deal in Orlando who loves to spend money and has a lot to spend. Randolph could be a great veteran presence and could be looking for one last big deal.

Philadelphia Sixers – Kyle Lowery

The process lives! with all these young players Philly has to spend money on someone so why not bring in hometown native Kyle Lowery to run point. Lowery could bring a veteran presence and make good decisions for a young exciting team that does not know how to win yet. Not related but Joel Embiid is awesome!

Phoenix Suns – Blake Griffin

The Suns could be looking to expedite the rebuild and bring in a heavy hitter such as Blake Griffin. Griffin has experience playing with point guard Eric Bledsoe. Devin Booker also has superstar written all over him so with Griffin imagine how exciting this team would be. Does Blake really want to stay in LA to make Kia commercials without Chris Paul on a team going nowhere? Griffin could go to a team on the rise like Phoenix and still get compensated.

Portland Trail Blazers – Thabo Sefolosha

The Blazers have really no money to spend this offseason which is disappointing because they barely made the playoffs last year and has one of the leagues heaviest payrolls. The blazers need defense and on a discount so maybe Sefolosha can be their guy to actually guard players. I also would like Cj Mccollum off the bench to help boost their second unit.

Sacramento Kings – Kelly Olynyk

Every season there is a guy who performs well in the playoffs and lands a monster deal that could never be lived up to. This year it will be Olynyk and I say the Kings will pay him and Boston won’t match. Sac town has money to spend and could bring in a center after trading talented Demarcus Cousins for pennies on the dollar last season.

San Antonio Spurs – Jeff Teague

Teague was learning from Mike Budenholzer all those years in Atlanta to finally play in the REAL Spurs system one day. I think Teague is a good fit here as he can score and create to help out Kawhi Leonard. Also aging point guard Tony Parker tore his quad and who knows if he comes back the same.

Toronto Raptors – Paul Milsap

The Raptors are always close but can never seem to get over the hump. I don’t think they should blow it up just yet. Milsap is a versatile forward that can step out and hit threes now. A last-ditch effort move to finally try and dethrone Cleveland.

Utah Jazz – Pau Gasol

If the Spurs don’t want Gasol back next year he could go ring chasing and join the young and hungry Jazz. He would add some veteran championship experience for this ball club as well as some easy baskets down low.

Washington Wizards – Andre Iguadola

With the Warriors having to spend top dollar to retain both Kevin Durant and Steph Curry this summer. Iguadola may be the odd man out. Even though there is a lot of miles on this model Iguadola is still a very productive player who can come off of the bench and play multiple positions. The “death row”  Wizards desperately needs discipline and someone with championship experience to aid them in their quest to move to the next level

-Caleb Harris

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