Director – Alex Kurtzman

Last Looks

Universal pictures have unwrapped the latest version of popular action thriller The Mummy. This reboot stars action movie legend Tom Cruise and will serve as the first film in the Dark Universe Series.  There is clearly a love fest for crossover films and characters that can interact with each other in the same cinematic universe similar to Marvel Comics and now with DC Comics. I can’t blame Universal for trying to test the waters in that revenue stream. I also agree with giving each monster their own movie to better connect with audiences and have the collaboration movie come about organically. First impressions are lasting impressions so I won’t sleep on this spooky tale.


Ancient Princess of Egypt Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) murders her family in order to become Queen so she is cursed and entombed for all eternity as punishment. In modern-day, artifact explorer Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) collects timeless treasures and sells them for a higher expense. While under attack in the middle east Nick and his accomplices Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) and Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) uncover a wicked tomb and mistakenly awaken Ahmanet. As a result Nick becomes possessed and starts having strange hallucinations and his mind controlled. Nick must now stop Ahmanet to free himself of this curse and prevent her wrath from causing more wreckage to London.

Nose Candy

“Death is a doorway and the past can’t be buried forever”

“Power was not given it had to be taken”

“Evil is the shadow on the outside looking in, looking for a way to come into our world or a way to become flesh and blood.”

“He found redemption in the darkness at a great cost he is a monster now, what ever human parts of him remain we will search the world over to find a cure.”

Style Points

  • Camel spiders
  • Mummy hallucinogens
  • Plane crash
  • Fight scene with the dead people
  • Princess Ahmanet’s rage on the streets of London

Role Play

Tom Cruise is a star and did great but clearly he was on a another level this film does not have the capabilities of going. Also the gender switch of having a female Mummy this time did not fit for me. Sofia Boutella is a beautiful woman this is not her fault but in all of her scenes she came off way too sexy as opposed to scary. I wasn’t at all compelled to jump or look away during her screen time. I felt the entire cast did the best with what they were given. It seemed like there were way to many arguments, and bad writing like the 15 second analogies or the sarcastic you’re welcome sequence. None of the characters were able to find that groove to work off of each other and the bad chemistry is displayed throughout the film.

Money Shot

Ahmanet kidnaps Jenny and drags her under water as Nick rushes after to save her. Nick and Ahmanet battle with one another then Nick stabs himself with the Set’s Dagger giving him power. He uses it to turn Ahmanet back into a mummy entombing once again. After realizing Jenny had drowned as a result of the attack he uses Set’s power to resuscitate her leaving him trapped in monster form.

Final Touch

Wow where to begin. I hate to say there was a lack of effort in any project but coming out of this film it is hard to not to see it that way. The actors did terrific they were just hindered by trying to deliver on a script that did not match the overall tone. For an explorer Nick Morton is very bad with directions and there were way to many scenes such as the shootout and the plane crash nobody not even Tom Cruise in an action flick could really survive. I also felt there was way to many hallucinogens especially with his weird zombie best friend stalking him. It was like inception with one daydream turning into another and never really knowing what was reality or fantasy. If anything I thought this was done to waste more of the run time. This movie attempted at Marvel movie magic blending comedy with action and a dab of horror but was unsuccessful on all fronts. Russel Crow doing his Nick Fury routine as Dr. Jekyll was just a bad look. The film also ended way too abruptly. It is one thing to envision an idea and separate all together to bring it to life so I completely understand but as far as this version of The Mummy they just needed to let this one rest.


-Caleb Raves

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