Unquestionably the best part about last nights NBA finals game was the teaser that aired for sure to be Marvel block buster Black Panther. Black Panther will star Chadwick Boseman reprising his role from Captain America:Civil War where T’challa heads back to Wakanda to claim ownership as king after his father’s death.


  • Wakanda looks beautiful and the costume design is exquisite. Definitely a lot of time and effort was put in to ensure this film has its own signature style to differentiate it from other Marvel films.
  • I love how dominant the female character’s looked. On par with their male counterparts.
  • The tone seemed like it will be more serious and realistic less comical and animated.
  • The bullets that ricocheted off of Black Panther was sick as he could serve as the badass the MCU is lacking.
  • Can’t wait to see the fight scenes and action sequences. There is a sick one take of Black Panther leaping from one vehicle to another after an explosion.
  • Step into the Spotlight is going to instantaneously gather a lot more downloads and the beat that played at the end was sick. This soundtrack is going to be vicious.
  • Angela Basset still looks incredible. Those white braids did it for me. black don’t crack.
  • There is a coming soon graphic at the end but the rumored release is next February, which is black history month. I know I am reaching.

There has been some hesitancy on producing a big budget super hero film with a predominantly all black cast because would it be able to return on the investment at box office. Obviously from concepts to casting no expense was spared. I am also a Ryan Coogler fan and want to see his direction with the project. This was impressive as it blew up social media and did awesome at getting fans exited. If this is just the teaser I can’t wait for the punchline.

-Caleb Raves

Thoughts on the Black Panther teaser? Let loose in the comments.