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Highly favored basketball recruit Lonzo Ball had his one and only work out for the Los Angeles Lakers this morning. It caused a little bit of a stir amongst the NBA because Lonzo’s representatives stated that he would only work out for his hometown team. If that was  not enough now consensus overall top draft choice Markelle Fultz has proclaimed that he will only work out for the Boston Celtics, the team that possesses the number one overall pick.

I believe young players preparing to head to the NBA through the draft should not be able to bend the rules and maneuver themselves to the team of their choice. Furthermore I don’t think these athletes should claim they do not want to play for a specific team.

Like men in rompers it is a bad look. These athletes seem very stuck up and ungrateful when they decide to not to at least meet with a team that expresses interest. There is a sense of entitlement with young players that they should have their own brand before they even play a NBA game yet. The cordial act would be to work out and interview for all of the teams that could conceivable draft you then afterwards politely say you would prefer not to go there and state your reasons why. Just having the opportunity to go to the NBA is a blessing in itself.

My other issue is that the teams that currently own the top two picks are two of the most prestigious and profitable teams in the league. If top players don’t want to have the luxury of being chosen by one of these franchises imagine what could happen if the two teams were struggling teams in small markets? My concern is that future players are going to try to manipulate themselves to play for the teams they want. Then all of the big stars will only play in big cities leaving the rest of the league destitute unable to compete. General Mangers struggle to put together solid rosters and rely on the draft to aid them in getting better.

If you are Fultz not working out for any other team is sending the message that you  just know you are going to be the number one pick anyways so why bother wasting your time showcasing talent to any one else. For Lonzo he adds to his resume of being a public enemy with his fathers antics as well as releasing his own signature shoe before he has yet to play a single minute in the NBA.

It was the correct decision for Laker management to ban Lonzo’s dad Lavar Ball from his workout or I’m sure he would have found a way to talk his son out of a spot on the team similar to what he did with every single shoe company. I honestly believe newly appointed head of basketball operations Magic Johnson will do what he feels is best for the team regardless the energy surrounding Ball. Besides there is a lot of Magic in Ball with both players being taller point guards and making all of their teammates better.

If the Lakers do not take Lonzo at number two he could potentially slide costing himself more money and being completely embarrassed. Imagine the social media meme madness that will ensue if he Lakers pass on him. Lavar has claimed that he would speak about his son going to the Lakers until it came to existence. The Celtics could just clown Lavar and draft his son making him shake hands and take pictures in a Celtics Cap. How funny would it be to see the reaction from Lavar when Boston hats are passed out to his table?

I do feel both Fultz and Ball will have bright futures in the NBA. Hopefully the tension between two of  the most decorated franchises in basketball the Lakers and the Celtics continues to build with both young point guards keeping their historic rivalry going.

– Caleb Raves

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