Last Looks

Young hip hop sensation Lil Yachty has delivered on his debut album Teenage Emotions. Lil Yachty rose to fame after hits like “One Night” and “Minnesota” from his debut ep Summer Songs and first mixtape One Boat. When I hear artist such as Yachty and the often compared Lil Uzi-Vert I am perplexed with the animated music videos, vibrant clothing and multi-colored hairstyles. I now understand what it felt like when older people would feel about my favorite rappers in my era like what the hell is going on here, this is insanity! I am showing my age but It makes sense to me so that all this matters. Hip hop heads have ridiculed Yachty’s happy-go-lucky tone. There is something about the charismatic superstar that has captivated the new generation and has spearheaded one of the new sounds in hip hop. I can appreciate Yachty’s efforts in trying to expand the culture as he represents the remodel in what it means to be a rapper today.


The project opens up with “Like A star” as Yachty soulfully sings on what he is thankful for and all of his new opportunities since he has become famous. We then transition to “Da freestyle” which is more hardcore rap. This is a sick instrumental that doesn’t seem like Yachty is on beat the whole time, I don’t know if its him or the mixing. Next is the smash single featuring Migos ” Peek A Boo” a stand out record with lots of high energy.

Lil Yacthy’s playful side comes out on “All you Had to Say” where he takes all of his criticism in stride. This song has a tell you how you really feel approach which he stops halfway through and makes you think the track is finished. He then yells sike and continues into another half of his shenanigans. Also there is more of that fun nature on “Bring it Back” which is a striking song about missing his girl over an eighties style beat.

On “Priorities” there is a good rapping cadence as he admits he would cheat on his girlfriend who is so loyal for some sluts. Then claims fuck school so for any kid looking to drop out of school and become a rapper they could look to this song as inspiration. “Made of Glass” is  an excellent track every dude can relate to as there is always that one girl you seem to do everything imaginable for and she just doesn’t seem to notice or appreciate.The album ends with “Momma” a classy ode to every boys first love and actually has an appearance from Mother Yachty herself giving words of encouragement to her son.

Nose Candy

“I done did a lot this year, made a lot of friends some come some go, still never took a drink of beer ”

“My brother use to sleep in his Hyundai now he spends a hundred j’s on a funday”

“I love my self more than anybody
What I look like in a Maserati
I leave that shit to the trap stars me im a busy body”

“Inside that coat she has a coke figure”

Money Shot

I really enjoyed Running with a Ghost featuring Grace. I was starting to forget what singing without autotune actually sounds like. Grace came through with an outstanding hook. Yachty does what he does best as he speaks on his obsession for a female. “Imma let you know it, Ball like moses, Stop playing just focus, Flood your bed with roses.” This song does come of as kind of staulker-ish though.

Final Touch

Even by rapper standards at times trying to figure out what Yachty is saying is more difficult to decipher then one of Donald Trumps tweets. Instead of focusing on punchlines, Yachty tells his story by singing with autotune. I feel the title of this project is not displayed throughout. This album bickers back and forth like siblings between singing and rapping. He has as many songs that are uplifting as there are vulgar and neither side gets their way. Every single track title is exactly how you think the song would be. Example girl in the yellow dress is a song about a really hot girl in a yellow dress. Dirty mouth is a track at how nasty his mouth is. I have to commend Yachty on revealing his sensual side as there are an array of tracks devoted toward his love for women. Where rappers hate revealing an emotional side or committing to one lady he totally embraces it. I also feel he is very comfortable with his charismatic persona as he will gladly leave the trapping to the dough boys while he is focused on making money in other ways. Yachty also brilliantly answers all of those claiming his style is not real hip hop. This is not aimed to be a traditional rap album, chances are if you are over the age of 25 you will be completely confused. Teenage Emotions is a fun project the youth will love and sounds like true feelings from a young man his age with a brutally honest approach.

-Caleb Raves