Director – Ridley Scott

Last Looks

After half a decade we now have the prequel, sequel  the latest installment of the Alien franchise (who really knows where we are at with this now) but this is Alien:Covenant. Alien is one of the most innovative and influential films in cinematic history. The film was groundbreaking with its use of character progression, suspense and visual storytelling. Over the past thirty years it has reproduced many unnecessary movies as it seems the series has flew off course exploring different genres such as mystery, fantasy and mythical. I enjoyed 2012’s Prometheus even though the project seemed more folklore then horror. Also we have Alien original director Ridley Scott back in the pilot seat. I have faith he has a vision for more continuations and will find a way to finally land this saga after all this time…….somewhere at least.


Alien:Covenant follows the storyline of majority of the films in the franchise. This time a space covenant is travelling to the isolated planet Origae-6 to colonize it. While on the exhibition the crew is struck by a neutrino burst killing their captain and leaving the team in dire straits. The group seek refuge on a nearby mysterious planet. There they meet David the survivor from Prometheus. The planet initially seems like an oasis but eventually the troop are ambushed by an alien life form that continuously grows larger and begins viciously killing everyone.

Nose Candy

“If you created me then who created you”

“I know your wife is down there but when you are up here your responsibility is to the colonists”

“Why did you sacrifice your hand for her life, if it not love”

“We didn’t leave earth to be safe”

“When one note is off it destroys the entire symphony”

“Do you want to serve in heaven or reign in hell”

“I think that if we are kind it will be a kind world”

Style Points

  • Eye opening first scene
  • Body cam shots as Robert is puking
  • Extreme close-ups shots as covenant members are running through the ship
  • Set design of David 8 layer
  • Fight scene between Chris and David
  • Surveillance cam of the ship
  • Point of view from the unidentified life form
  • Heartbeat as Daniels is in her pod

Role Play

Michael Fassbender was great here with a solid performance as David that required different voices and mannerisms which he mastered. His presence brought so much to this film as I feel his scenes were the only aspect that took this project to a new level.

I don’t think Katherine Wateron or Billy Crudup were bad here but they did nothing for me. I was not put in a situation where I wanted them to succeed. Unfortunately I am always going to compare each heroine in the Alien franchise to Ripley and no character since has been as empathetic or iconic.

I am a huge fan of Danny Mcbride but he seemed way out-of-place here especially making it to the final two as normally comedic characters are first to go.

Money Shot

A  life form attached itself to covenant member Robert as he is exploring the planet. As Robert begins to get sick he goes back to the ship when an alien bursts itself out of Roberts back killing him as well as two others. Crew member Maggie tries to shoot the Alien but misses hitting a gas tank blowing up the spaceship in a sick explosion.

Randumb –  Was that flute scene as uncomfortable for anyone else as it was for me?? First it went on 5 minutes too long and second nobody can learn to play the flute that well that fast.

Final Touch

Ridley Scott goes back to his roots as he brilliantly has mastered the art of having a character dominate so much of the action with only rarely appearing. The alien is more bloodthirsty here as maybe its just a sign of the times as this is more gore then gorgeous. The set design and effects were cool but this seemed more of a movie that should be on the sci-fi channel not in theaters. This film refused to pick a lane as it swerved through different categories attempting to appease audiences of all of the Alien films prior. There were also some unfulfilling scenes like the aforementioned flute scene and the shower scene being a far cry from the famous one in Psycho. The climatic scene with Daniels, Tennessee and the alien on the trucks was over way too quickly. This movie does have some suspense to it, as well as a strong Michael Fassbender performance. Compared to other films in this saga, Alien:Covenant actually is in the same atmosphere it just never arrives its destination.

-Caleb Raves