Jinder Mahal beat Randy Orton in the Main Event of Backlash to become the new WWE champion.

There are several reasons why some believe this push is possible. Maybe the WWE just wanted another star from India to be more profitable in that market or it could be Jinder’s improved physique as WWE owner and president Vince Mcmahon has long been fond of wrestlers with the body builder look. It may just be right place right time or the WWE just wanted to swerve the audience and make a decision that no one had anticipated. Smackdown has been called the land of opportunity and with the lack of talent in the current era this move was original and could serve as a catalyst to create a new star.

Now Jinder has had a very underwhelming career in the WWE to say the least. He started out in a feud with the Great Khali then moved on to the forgettable faction the 3 man band. Jinder was then involved in a whee L C match being embarrassed by getting beat up by El Torito a 4 foot 5 inch man in a bull costume then was eventually released in 2014. Mahal spent two years in exile before finally getting the coveted call to come back.

Mahal spent the next eight months losing every match putting other wrestlers over to make them look great. But once Jinder was moved from Raw over to Smackdown in the latest superstar shake up, Mahal instantaneously went from not winning at all to being number one contender for the strap having a stable and a limo. I was listening to Jinder on the Talk is Jericho podcast and he revealed that Vince McMahon told him that the audience has a short memory and will not remember he was billed as a loser so relish this opportunity. Gee…Thanks.

Jinder also claimed that during his time away from the WWE he developed depression and had gotten very out of shape and began excessively drinking. Jinder knew that he could not continue this unhealthy lifestyle and decided to get himself in tremendous shape. Now Jinder says no one is out dieting him or out doing him in the gym. The WWE office definitely noticed Mahal’s hard work and decided to reward him for his efforts.

After all of the years of tormenting winning the title for Mahal was the lemon on the corona. Some critics may declare that it is too soon and Jinder needs to be built up or prove that he is a reliable worker before handing him the most prestigious belt in the  company. It is one thing to have the door opened for you but it is another thing to walk through. This second chance for Jinder is redemption and I can’t wait to see what he can do with his world title run.

-Caleb Raves