Director – Jonathan Levine

Last Looks

I  have a twisted sense of humor and you have to be very open-minded and a little misguided to enjoy dark comedies like myself. Although I do not find Amy Schumer all that funny I really enjoyed her last movie Trainwreck and can appreciate her grind as Schumer has put in a lot of work as a writer and producer. Amy is also not a bad actress as she performs very well on the big screen and does not come off as comedian trying to pretend to act her way through a role. Somehow I think Snatched will be clever and will be another guilty pleasure of mine.


Self-centered Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) is fired and dumped right before her big non refundable trip to Ecuador. Unable to find anyone to go with her, Emily decides to take her reserved mother Linda Middleton (Goldie Hawn) who she has a rocky relationship with to accompany her on the trip. After Emily meets a charismatic guy at the resort, he convinces Emily and Linda to go sightseeing of the area. During the trek it turns out to be a hoax and the duo end up being kidnapped and held for ransom by a violent gang. Now the mother daughter tandem are forced to work together to get out of their predicament in one piece.
Nose Candy

There is definitely a great deal of foul-mouthed humor in this film that is definitely not appropriate for repeating. I’ll just say there are some x-rated jokes that involves an unfinished tattoo and the amount of drinks a girl is allowed to have that take place. I personally laughed and if you have a few screws loose you will as well.

Style Points

  • Use of social media posts being animated on-screen
  • Actual throwback pictures of Goldie Hawn
  • Capoeira party scene
  • Kidnapping scene
  • Walk of power scene to Black Rob’s “Whoa”

Role Play

Amy Schumer (Emily Middleton) Amy is definitely strong and comfortable in this film as she is clearly not afraid to make fun of herself. This was not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination but the best thing about Amy in any of her performances is that it looks as though she is having a blast and it definitely comes across on-screen. She is living the dream being able to display her own written work in theaters now.

Goldie Hawn (Linda MIddleton) Through this entire fiasco of a film Hawn did add some humility here that brings this movie down to earth at times. She actually had a really good monologue while her and Emily were migrating through the jungle.

Money Shot

As Emily and Linda look to escape their conditions they are encountered by one final attempt by Morgado the gang leader who is responsible for kidnapping them. Emily uses some capoeira to distract Morgado while Linda uses a whistle to have a dog attack him. The mother daughter duo hold him off until U.S agents are able to rescue them.
Final Touch

Snatched is not meant to be a good film which it isn’t but judging it off of how many laughs I still would consider this disappointing as a dark comedy. There was not a twisted joke in the entire second half of the movie unless you count the unpleasant shart sequence. Amy Schumer definitely has no fear as I feel that this was a project she really wanted to make because of the whole mother daughter aspect and was probaly personal. My only grievance is that compared to Trainwreck I do not think Snatched was as witty or well thought out. A concept I thought was interesting that this is one of a number of films that I have seen lately that involves kidnapping in South America as I was not really familiar with this topic until recently. Although Snatched will not hold you through the entire duration if you are someone who laughs at the most uncomfortable situations this is worth checking out.

– Caleb Raves