Director- Guy Ritchie

Last Looks

An iconic story that we have all heard or seen a million times by now. I don’t know why this film is bombing at the box office. It could be viewer fatigue of epic hero journeys being adapted into major motion pictures. The reviews I have seen have been positive and I some how am still intrigued. Maybe I am just gullible or optimistic but I think this is going to be a really good film.


Power hungry Vortigern orchestrates a fatal attack on his brother Uther the King of the Britons and his wife so that he can take his place. Uther’s son Arthur was the lone survivor of the attack and is found and raised by prostitutes on the streets and hustles his way through life. A chance encounter leads Arthur to the legendary sword that only he has the capabilities of lifting from the stone. Vortigern captures Arthur and tells him of his lineage knowing that he had to be Uther’s son because he was able to lift the sword. Several of Uther’s regime Mage and Sir Bedivere create a diversion to free Arthur and begin to train him in order to take his rightful place on the throne.

Nose Candy

“You girls have looked after me long before I looked after you, I owe you everything”

“Why have enemies when you can have friends”

“I’m not getting drawn into this mess, there’s an army of you, there’s only one of me. I’ll talk,  But there is no way that I am fighting”

“I’ll let them hate me as long as they fear me. when people really fear you it is the most intoxicating sensation a man can possess, a force that is almost indescribable it takes you over completely”

“If you are at a loss for words let the sword speak for you”

Style Points

  • Arthur feeling the power as he pulls the legendary sword from the stone
  • The close up action shots during the foot speed chase scene
  • Arthur using the sword during the Viking Ambush
  • Drowned out sound when Sir Bedivere is talking to Arthur
  • Lady of the Lake as she shows Arthur the vision for his future
  • Mage’s snake that destroys Vortigens domain

Role Play

Charlie Hunnam (Arthur Pendragon) Hunnam has been great on television especially Sons of Anarchy but for some reason the magic does not translate on the big screen. Hunnam definitely has the look and the rapport to get leading roles and although I don’t think he was bad here this role was way too generic in a done to death story which does not make his performance stand out.

Jude Law (Vortigern) Law was excellent as a villain here. He had some tremendous evil monologues about power, fear and dominance. Law was a cocky and egotistical antagonist that you wanted to see stopped at all cost and added a much-needed veteran presence to this film.

Money Shot

In the encounter between Arthur and Vortigern there was a lot of dope camera movement and bullet time esq effects. Vortigern kills his own daughter so he can become the “demon knight” a huge shadowy ass kicker with flames. Just as the demon knight is about to destroy his nephew, Arthur has a flashback of his dad and is able to capture his prized sword and kill his uncle to claim his throne.

Final Touch

The latest version of King Arthur actually is a superb film. There is a plethora of visual effects and slow motion action sequences mixed with dramatic lighting. A detail I liked was this movie did an incredible job of utilizing montages with quick cuts whenever a character is giving a testimony. There are not a lot of fight displays and has a long run time so this film may get stale to those who are not fans of epic hero journeys. This movie may just have been a personal pet project for director Guy Ritchie as he has a history of bringing epic stories to life such as Sherlock Holmes and now he is working on Aladdin. Ritchie is able to cross King Arthur off his bucket list and it was not a bad effort so at least he can say that he made this. Although this redundant rendition from the legendary sword story was a good stab, the impact is not too deep.

-Caleb Raves